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365 Days Nezlamnosti: Standing in Solidarity with People of Ukraine.

Kamloops Ukrainian community stands in solidarity with people of Ukraine weekly, similarly to Auckland, NZ, Lisbon, PT, and Portland, US while Canberra, AU and Oslo, NO stand daily. The solidarity movement to stand with Ukraine aim to raise awareness about russian war in Ukraine and unite people around the world to fight russian aggression until Ukraine’s territorial integrity will be restored. While some people wonder what is the significance of standing in solidarity and waving Ukrainian flags globally, for others knowing that someone is thinking about them means a world. Everyone who stand with Ukraine have a story and value freedom, independence, peace, social justice and humanity.

I have collected multiple reasons on why it is important to stand in solidarity with people of Ukraine. Please feel free to add more as I will keep adding to the list.

Standing in solidarity with People of Ukraine:

  • Amplifies the voices of Ukrainian People: Standing in solidarity with People of Ukraine helps to amplify their voices and experiences. It shows that their struggles are not isolated and that people from different backgrounds are listening to them.
  • Promotes unity and a sense of community: Solidarity promotes unity among people and helps to build a sense of community. It allows people from different backgrounds to come together for a common cause and work towards a shared goal: Ukraine’s victory!
  • Strengthens movements: Solidarity strengthens Stand with Ukraine movement by increasing the number of people involved and adding more diverse perspectives. It also helps to increase public awareness and support for a cause.
  • Increases awareness and education: Standing in solidarity requires learning about the experiences and struggles of people of Ukraine. This education and awareness can lead to increased empathy and understanding.
  • Helps to challenge oppressive systems: Solidarity with people of Ukraine helps to challenge russian oppressive systems by calling attention to their injustices and demanding change. It is an important tool for fighting against russian aggression and other forms of oppression experienced by people of Ukraine.
  • Creates a more just society: Solidarity promotes social justice by advocating for the rights of people of Ukraine. It helps to create a more just society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.
  • Provides support to those who need it: Standing in solidarity with people of Ukraine provides support to those who are facing discrimination and oppression within Ukraine and outside Ukraine. It shows the people of Ukraine that they are not alone and that global communities are willing to stand up for their rights.
  • Builds empathy and understanding: Solidarity builds empathy and understanding by allowing people to see things from different perspectives. It can help to break down stereotypes and prejudices, conquer russian propaganda and promote mutual respect.
  • Encourages civic engagement: Solidarity with People of Ukraine encourages people of Kamloops, Oslo, Lisbon, Auckland, and Portland to become more involved in learning about situation in Ukraine and to take action on concerns faced by people within Ukraine and displaced Ukrainians. It can lead to increased civic engagement and political participation.
  • Fosters a culture of social responsibility: Solidarity with People of Ukraine fosters a culture of social responsibility by encouraging people to take action on concern experienced by People of Ukraine and displaced Ukrainians. It can help to create a society where people feel a sense of responsibility towards each other and work together for the common good: Ukraine’s victory.
  • Strengthens democracy: Solidarity strengthens democracy by ensuring that voices of people of Ukraine are heard and that everyone has equal access to political power.
  •  Builds resilience in the face of adversity: Solidarity can help to build resilience in the face of adversity by providing a sense of hope in Ukraine’s victory and a shared vision for a better future.
  • Creates opportunities for cross-cultural exchange: Solidarity creates opportunities for cross-cultural exchange, which can help to break down barriers and promote greater understanding between different groups.
  • Increases accountability: Standing in solidarity with People of Ukraine can increase accountability by holding individuals, and governments responsible for their actions and promoting transparency and fairness in supporting Ukraine.
  • Promotes collective action: Solidarity promotes collective action, which can be a powerful force for social change.
  • Encourages innovation and creativity: Solidarity encourages innovation and creativity by bringing together diverse perspectives and experiences.

Join your local community on February 24th, 2023 and stand in solidarity with people of Ukraine. Solidarity events will be happening worldwide. Please come and show your support.

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