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I start using social advertisements as a way to encourage students to learn about global concerns. Social advertisements are one way how to address glocal concerns by raising public awareness on current local and global issues. Students who take FMLY 1012 class needs to find one social advertisement and write their paper based on the selected social advertisement. Over years I watched more than 1000 different social advertisements. I have selected approximately 100 videos to represent the best social advertisements (advertisements that students often select to complete their FMLY 1012 assignments). I will keep adding to the list every year, so enjoy watching and if you have additional suggestions for social advertisements please let me know via e-mail okondrashov@tru.ca

The list of social advertisements that I created for my students in 2015 and keep adding approximately 30 advertisements every year: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBkb7GcuZ8m_zjcazIUx4d3MNpe8UCLKj 

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