Social Work Education in Honduras

Social Work Education in Honduras

Schools of Social Work in Honduras were easy to map as there is only one School in the country: HND Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras  and thanks to Yolanda Molina Fonseca we were able to verify the information.

It was also not easy to find literature on social work in Honduras. Only two sources briefly mention the developments of social work in Honduras:

Negrón-Velázquez, G. (2016). Attitudes toward poverty among exit students of undergraduate social work programs in eight Latin American countries. European Journal of Social Work, 19(3–4), 385–404.

Watts, T. D., Elliott, D., & Mayadas, N. S. (Eds.). (1995). International handbook on social work education. Greenwood Publishing Group.

I hope once we complete the article on Colombia it will be exciting to research the state of social work in Honduras.

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Social Work Education in Colombia

Social Work Education in Colombia

Colombia was the first country in Latin America Region we received feedback from local social work educators and thanks to Yuly Marcela Parra Montoya we were able to finalize the list with the latest information on Social Work Education in Colombia that can also be accessed online: We found 27 Schools of Social Work in Colombia

  1. COL Corporación Universitaria Del Caribe (CECAR)
  2. COL Corporacion Universitaria Republican     
  3. COL Fundacion Universitaria Monserrate
  5. COL University College of Cundinamarca
  6. COL Universidad de Antioquia     
  7. COL Universidad de Caldas  
  8. COL Universidad de Cartagena     
  9. COL Universidad de La Guajira
  10. COL Universidad Libre Seccional Pereira Sede Centro     
  11. COL Universidad Externado de Colombia     
  12. COL Universidad del Quindío
  13. COL Sinu University
  14. COL University Foundation Juan De Castellanos     
  15. COL Simón Bolívar University
  16. COL Universidad del Valle    
  17. COL Universidad de la Salle
  19. COL Industrial University De Santander     
  20. COL Universidad Mariana    
  21. COL Universidad Minuto de Dios     
  22. COL Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  23. COL Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
  24. COL Universidad Metropolitana de Barranquilla
  25. COL Universidad Tecnologica del Choco Diego Luis Cordoba     
  26. COL University Corporation of Meta – Unimeta     
  27. COL Coporacion University Rafael Núñez | Main building     

Thanks to support from Rob Long who compiled the literature on Social Work in Colombia we are ready to proceed with the nest step in writing an academic article on social work education in Colombia:

Bueno, A. M. (2017). Reflexiones históricas sobre el Desarrollo del Trabajo Social en Colombia. Trabajo Social, (19), 67–84.

Cruz Castillo, A. L. (2012). ¿Qué se enseña y se aprende en una práctica de entrenamiento profesional en trabajo social? Prospectiva, (16), 161.

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Moreno Ávila, O. L., & Giraldo, C. L. (2015). Self-evaluation of the social work practicum: the experience of Universidad del Valle School of Social Work (2005-2010). Prospectiva, (20), 429.

Sierra Tapiro, J. P. (2016). Vigencia de la lucha de clases, proceso de paz en Colombia y desafíos al Trabajo Social. Prospectiva, (22), 229.

Sierra Tapiro, J. P., & Villegas Cardona, S. L. (2011). La formación profesional en Trabajo Social. Vigencia del debate sobre los paradigmas sociales: El caso de la Universidad del Valle. Prospectiva, (14), 48.

Sierra-Tapiro, J. P. (2018). Una aproximación al Colectivo de Trabajo Social Crítico Colombia (TSCC): por una renovación crítica del Trabajo Social. Prospectiva, 139–170.

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Welcome to Kamloops: Three things to Know about Child and Family Social Services in Kamloops

Welcome to Kamloops: Three things to Know about Child and Family Social Services in Kamloops

1: Know where to find the right services for children and families in Kamloops

One can find online KAMLOOPS FAMILY SERVICES Contact Information. This information sheet by EwayKamloops provides one with details related to local services for children and youth. It is organized by the following age groups: Under 6, Children 6 – 12, and Youth. One can also contact Make Children First (MCF) a community coalition of individuals and organizations who believe that it takes a whole community to raise a child. They work to enhance the ability of our community to support the healthy development of children and their families. Interesting Shapedown BC program is available for eligible kids in BC. One can also access online Child &Youth Mental Health Guide for the region.

2: Know how to protect children in Kamloops

A child in BC is a person under the age of 19. Here is the policy on how to report a child in need of protection. “If your child is taken” brochure provides overview of key rights of the parents when a child is removed under the protection concerns. One can also contact Secwepemc Child and Family Services or Metis Commission for Child and Family Services in BC or local Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD) for relevant services. Navigating the Child Protection Process presentation provides an overview of Ministry of Child and Family Development and a legal guidance in navigating the child protection process.

3: Know resources where kids have fun in Kamloops

Explore Kamloops With Kids website provides a lot of activities that are designed for kids in Kamloops. One can also find Active Child Care Facilities for Thompson Cariboo Shuswap region. Kamloops/Thompson Community Mapping Study also provides the list of resources for kids. One can also access BC Wild Life Park Map and Winter Fun Map to take your kids to different local attractions.

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Welcome to Kamloops: 4 tips to find employment in Kamloops

Welcome to Kamloops: 4 tips to find employment in Kamloops

Tip 1: Find the right employer for you in Kamloops

An excellent way to start looking for a job is to check the Job Posting Websites for the Kamloops Area. All job sites are well organized in one file. Open Door Group has two offices in Kamloops to support people in finding employment. Check Kamloops Major employers here. You can also visit Kamloops Service Center Canada to strengthen your resume and find jobs in the area

Tip 2: Use the Job Search Engine that fits your needs.  

BC Jobs Kamloops


CFJC today jobs

Craiglist Jobs Kamloops

Eluta Jobs Kamloops

Indeed Jobs Kamloops

Job Bank Kamloops

Glassdoor Jobs Kamloops,8_IC2277850.htm

Kijiji Jobs Kamloops

LnkedIn jobs Kamloops

Monster Jobs Kamloops,-bc.aspx

Jobpostings Kamloops

Jooble Kamloops

Simply Hired Kamloops

Workopolis Kamloops

Wow Jobs Kamloops

Tip 3: Check Directly with Employment Opportunities Websites of Kamloops employers

Aberdeen Mall

Aboriginal Skill Employment Services

BC Hydro

BC Lottery Corporation

BC Transit Kamloops

Cascades Casino Kamloops

City of Kamloops

CN Rail

Dog Walking Jobs Kamloops


Excel Personel

Government BC Jobs

Interior Health Authority

Nanny Jobs Kamloops,british-columbia

New Gold

School Distict 73

Stanteck Jobs

Sun Peaks Resort

Teck Jobs

Thompson Nicola Regional District

Thompson Rivers University


Xilium Recruiters

Tip 4: Try Facebook to find your next job in Kamloops

One can also try Facebook job search technique:  Kamloops and Area Work Search Group (Job Seekers, and Job Postings) or Kamloops Cash Jobs and Kamloops Job Posting

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Welcome to Kamloops: 5 Health Care Planning Tips in Kamloops

Welcome to Kamloops:  5 Health Care Planning Tips in Kamloops

Tip1: Check Health Link BC

HealthLink BC provides access to non-emergency health information and advice in British Columbia. Information and advice is available by telephone, a website, a mobile app, and a collection of print resources. HealthLink BC brought together some of British Columbia’s most trusted and recognized health information services including: the BC HealthGuide, BC HealthFiles, BC NurseLine, Pharmacist Services, Dial-a-Dietitian, and the Physical Activity Line (PAL) – and expanded these with an online and by-phone navigation service to help you find the health resources and facilities you need, closest to where you live. Please visit the Resource Order Form page if you would like to order brochures, posters, magnets, and more about HealthLink BC. One can also dial 811 to speak with a registered nurse, dietitian, pharmacist or exercise professionals. The service is available in different languages.

Tip2: Enhance your Health Literacy

Learn about health literacy by completing the ABC Health Matters Workbook. Understanding health literacy is a shared responsibility between newcomer and their health care provider. Everyone is a partner in this learning journey.  Decide what activities you want to do in this workbook. Choose those activities important to your life.

Tip3: Know your care options and local resources

Interior Health Guide to Home & Community Care provides a detailed review of care options.  The Center for Senior Information has its directory for health care services in Kamloops. Kamloops Community Response Network lists many organizations to improve health for victims of violence. TRU has health care assistant program to train health care aids to meet community needs. If you need to learn about the stay in Royal Inland Hospital check the information here. Please check the BC Low cost dental programs for cancer patients. A detailed First Nations BC Health Handbook is also available. BC elder’s guide lists many relevant health care resources. Kamloops Health Care Services are also listed on relocate to website

Tip 4: Grow your health

The City of Kamloops offers an interesting brochure on plant health care on how to caring for the health of your gardens. Elaine Sedgman developed a start-up guide on Public Produce: Growing Food in Public Spaces.

Tip5: Check your BC health insurance benefits

Healthcare insurance information when moving to BC is available here and here.  The medical services BC plan brochure is available online and provides critical information on what is covered under the plan. When you need to refuse health care, please review this information sheet to know your rights. Access to Trans Surgical Health Care in BC is outlined in this article. Information on immunization using health care workers as examples can be obtained here. BC Palliative care benefits registration can be accessed here. WorkSafe BC provides a detailed overview of health care and social services and injury prevention resources here. The most used health care related services for immigrants are listed here. More migration matters info sheets can be accessed here. Some culturally sensitive health care practices are listed in the following publication: Providing Diversity Competent Care to People of the Sikh Faith The brochure provides Questions and Answers about the Privacy of Personal Health Information and E‐health in British Columbia. There are multiple health volunteer opportunities listed on Volunteer Kamloops website. If you need a family doctor please check the Find a Doctor website or BC Physician search. Look for Kamloops Doctor’s directory. All you need to know about the Pharma Care Assistance Levels and Pharma Care Plans. General Information about Pharma Care. If you know additional health related resources please e-mail

Welcome to Kamloops: 5 Banking and Everyday Life Planning Tips for living in Kamloops

Welcome to Kamloops: 5 Banking and Everyday Life Planning Tips for living in Kamloops

Tip 1: Get organized with the Newcomers to Canada Day Planner 

Newcomers to Canada Day Planner goal is to give a quick and easy access to things one needs to know as one builds a new life in Canada, such as: buying or renting a home, finding a job, checking out your qualifications and credentials, information about Canada’s health care system, education systems, and government programs, learning more about house prices, credit card rates, car leasing, dentists, taxes, your rights and responsibilities in Canada, training programs, employers, starting a business, and common business practices.

Tip 2: Review workbooks, checklist and handbooks to plan your first month living in Kamloops

Citizenship and Immigration Canada developed a Handbook: Planning to work in Canada? An essential workbook for newcomers. The handbook provides a good overview how one can start building employment history in Canada and strengthen their income. The workbook was created for internationally trained individuals who are considering moving to Canada or who have recently arrived.  Using this workbook will allow newcomer to Canada to obtain the greatest benefit from their experience and education. In addition to workbook, complete the newcomer checklist where one can learn the key things to do once the person arrives at the new city (all data is for Manitoba but easily applicable to Kamloops). Sponsorship Handbook provides information on how to sponsor a refugee to Canada with information on how to satisfy needs of refugee. The sponsorship guide is written in Toronto for Syrian refugee, it can be easily adapted for Kamloops for any refugee.

Tip 3: Strengthen financial literacy and find your bank in Kamloops

The city of North Bay develop a guide that can be helpful to anyone who is new to Canada: Financial literacy guide for newcomers to CanadaCanadian Bankers Association have a designated page that a great resource with links to major banks information for newcomers/ new Canadians. One can find all banking questions answered on Canadian Bankers Association questions and answers section of the website. The list of all banks and ATMs in Kamloops can be found here.

Tip 4: Get familiar with banking terminology to save and build credit in Canada

Some topics that are relevant to banking include Chequing vs. Savings; Accounts / Types of Savings; Accounts / RRSP, RESP, RDSP, TFSA / Affordable Banking Services / Credit and Banking Services / How to protect yourself financially / Starting your own Business. They are covered in two modules: How to Bank and Save In Canada and How to Build Credit in Canada. The other documents are available on ABC Money Matters website to include Independent Workbooks: A Place to Start: Spending Plans; RESPs and Other Ways to Save and Financial Literacy for the Family; Tip Sheets: Celebrate Holiday Cheer and Financial Education with Your Family and Tips to Keep on Budget During the Holidays.

Tip 5: Find out your credit score

7 Common Credit Score Myths is an excellent article to learn about credit score through debunking common myths. Please review How to Get Your Free Credit Report & Check Your Credit Score and do it once a year. Monesysense provides some good tips on how to build a credit score for newcomers. You can also estimate your credit score online  If you have debts, then get debt help.

If you have additional banking and everyday life planning resources to share please e-mail

Welcome to Kamloops: 7 Housing topics to plan your living in Kamloops

The City of Kamloops consists of the following primary planning neighbourhoods: City Centre, North Shore, Valleyview, Dallas, Raleigh, Heffley Creek, Sahali, Aberdeen, Knutsford, Brocklehurst, Batchelor Heights, Westsyde. Juniper Ridge, Mount Dufferin, Rose Hill, Campbell Creek, Barnhartvale, Mission Flats, Tranquille on the Lake so do your research on where you plan to live and know your area. Here is the list of the Kamloops Postal Codes. One can click on the name of the selected neighbourhood to find the recent neighbourhood plan or Google one for your neighbourhood. The Kamloops Plan (KAMPLAN) can help one to know each area of the city.

There are many housing options in Kamloops.  Whether you stay in Kamloops for few days or plan to live in Kamloops forever, here are some resources that can help you to find housing in Kamloops.

1. Short term housing options

The short term accommodations can be found on, Airbnb or on any other hotel booking websites. Check the reviews before choosing the place to stay that fits your needs.  You can also check 30 tips on how to book on Airbnb for first time to ensure you have a pleasant booking experience

2. Apartment / house rentals

To find apartments for rent go on craiglist or kijiji  You can review articles from Kijiji Central, such as, how to stay safe looking for apartments online, to get the most out of your Kijiji experience and to learn more about our users and Kijiji’s impact on the community. One can also try to find housing via Facebook Kamloops4Rent closed group.

3. Alternative housing options.

EwayKamloops website lists telephone numbers of organizations that can help with housing in Kamloops. The links to all organizations are provided below.

John Howard Society

Kamloops & District Elizabeth Fry Society

Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society

Kamloops Brain Injury Association

Kamloops Community YMCA-YWCA

Kamloops Native Housing Society

LeJeune Housing Society

Life Skills Development Project

Ministry for Children & Family Development South Shore  

New Life Mission

Oncore Seniors Society

Phoenix Centre

Secwepemc Child & Family Services

White Buffalo Aboriginal & Metis Health Society  

The comprehensive resource for affordable housing options in Kamloops is available from city of Kamloops website. BC housing has pdfs listings for Family, Singles & Couples, Seniors & Adults with disabilities and Seniors’ Supportive Housing options. Seniors’ Housing in BC guide is also online

4. Student housing

TRU Campus Housing provides general information on campus options for students who are interested to study at the Thompson Rivers University including residences and off campus housing options.  Live your dream provides an alternative housing service for new international students at TRU.

5. Landlord and tenants relationship in British Columbia

A detailed Guide for Landlords & Tenants in British Columbia was developed by the BC residential tenancy branch. Government of BC provides a very detailed overview of Housing and Tenancy and includes helpful information on residential tenancies, strata housing, owning a home, senior’s housing, social housing etc. offers a comprehensive resource for landlords and tenants in British Columbia. Tenant Survival Guide is also available in pdf and wiki format. Kamloops Landlords’ Handbook is a resource for people who provide rental housing but can be interesting to anyone who rent the place. Here is another guide for landlords in BC. You can also access quick tips for landlords and tenants in BC on common topics about renting.

6. Buying a house/apartment in Kamloops

If one wants to buy the house the Real Estate Council of British Columbia offers a detailed guide on how to buy a home in BC. The Vancouver Sun also has a step by step article on tricks and tips on how to buy a house in BC. The Canadian Bar Association provides a detailed overview of the lawyer role in the house buying process. Check also BC government website on what is involved in buying/selling property.  Kamloops Real Estate Blog provides more information with links to other relevant local resources. Use one of the calculators (Debt Service, Premium, Household Budget, Mortgage Payment and Mortgage Affordability) from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation website.  Check the new Kamloops listings on craiglist and kijiji and

7. Intentional living in Kamloops

Kamloops also has an intentional living community. The RareBirds Housing Co-op members are aware that our co-op housing model is innovative. Our research indicates that we differ from the majority of housing co-op developments in that we are building a single family home with design features to allow both private and common living spaces for adult oriented, multigenerational community living.

Enjoy living in Kamloops and hopefully your housing needs and housing related questions can be answered by reading this post. If you have additional housing resources to share please e-mail