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Arts in Kamloops

Arts in Kamloops

The article by Hoffman answers some of the arts-related questions about arts in Kamloops: Was there a symphony? Was it very good? Was there any professional theatre? Did the city have a decent art gallery? Did the schools actively support the arts for children? In short, what was the level of cultural vitality in Kamloops?

Kamloops Photo Arts Club offers photography arts for local residents. You can also find their member handbook online. Kamloops also has its symphony orchestra. The Kamloops Arts Council (KAC) is a registered charitable non-profit organization that is devoted to the development and enhancement of the arts in the Kamloops area.

Kamloops has a thriving arts and culture scene, encompassing live theatre, music and the visual arts year round. Tourism Kamloops provides relevant information of all major cultural activities in the city and has a very detailed arts, culture and heritage in Kamloops map. One can also visit Kamloops Arts Gallery and Kamloops Festival of Performing Arts.The art we are is a great place to eat, listen to the music and enjoy local arts. 4 Cats arts studio provides a unique experience for local families every week to enjoy different forms of arts. One can also attend the Kamloops Arts and Crafts club. One can also visit The Art Knapp Garden Centre and Florist chain was founded over 40 years ago by Art Knapp and Bill Vanderzalm. Faculty of Arts Visual Arts Program at TRU has a lot of potential to train local artists. One can also send their kids to Kamloops School of the Arts. One can also check the latest information about arts in Kamloops This Week online edition or CFJC today. If you are downtown you can also visit the Kamloops Courthouse LibraryArnica Artist Run Centre Society is a not-for-profit gallery that provides a supportive environment for emerging contemporary artists. The list of artists and the Kamloops fine arts partisans can be found here.

You can also visit Hampton Gallery or Lynne’s Quilting and Fibre Arts Gallery in Kamloops. If you are interested Kamloops Martial Arts School is also available.  Kamloops parents have many arts related activities for everyone. You can visit the following web pages to learn more about arts in Kamloops: Chimera Theatre Society;  Laughing Stock Theatre SocietyKamloops Film SocietyKamloops Interior Summer School of MusicWestern Canada TheatreThompson Nicola Shuswap Chapter of the Federation of Canadian ArtistsKamloops Museum & Archives

Thanks to Marianna Abutalipova (you can check her art here and here) for volunteering her time to share arts resources in Kamloops during our last class. Here are the best eatery places provided by Marianna: “So the best cakes are: Swiss Pastry on Victoria street, Cafe Motivo on Victoria Street and Save on Foods. Amsterdam is for Dutch cuisine while Sushi Mura by TRU is best for sushi and such. Maurya’s Fine Indian Cuisine is my favorite for Indian food. Erwin`s is for the best little cakes and butter cream horns and this is for the chocolates: Caduceus Chocolates They also sell my Belgian friend’s chocolates as well.

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