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My Life Happens Days Policy

My feelings on due dates and late work have changed during the past couple of years. I continue to believe that doing everything possible to meet a deadline is important to being successful. However, I have had enough experience with students who went through significant life-changing events, such as an illness, death, that meeting a deadline just cannot happen. In two words, life happens. Although life happens, it is important to become increasingly able to handle the challenges and meet the deadlines. All work I assign is due by a specific date. Occasionally, I move that date, but students should never count on it. It is not my responsibility to work around students other classes, their extracurricular activities, family or job. If a student cannot submit completed work or work of highest quality by the due date, that is okay. Everyone can improve with next submission.

Because I understand that life happens, and everyone still has to learn the art of planning around life events, I offer students two (2) work days to use during the course to turn in work late. Students can choose to turn in two written assignments one day late, or one written assignment two days late (excluding Saturday and Sunday). Two working days should be enough to get through most minor life events. If a major event suddenly appears, students should contact me immediately to make arrangements regarding the course and assignments. I am encouraging students to submit all assignments via Dropbox, so I will be able to track them and make sure the deadline is met. It is students responsibility to ensure that I receive assignment on time. If a student forgot to attach a file or I did not receive their dropbox submission, students will be deducted for late submission.

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