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Canadian Social Work Memoirs

Compiled by Oleksandr (Sasha) Kondrashov

March , 2019

  1. Bydlowska, J. (2013). Drunk mom: A memoir. Random House.
  2. Cardinal, C. (2018) Ohpikiihaakan-ohpihmeh (Raised somewhere else): A 60s scoop adoptee’s story of coming home. Fernwood Publishing. 
  3. Chariandy, D. (2018). I’ve been meaning to tell you. A letter to my daughter. Penguin.
  4. Choy, W. (1999). Paper shadows. Viking Press.
  5. Chrétien, J. (2010). My years as prime minister. Vintage Canada.
  6. Chrétien, J. (2018). My stories, my times. Penguin.
  7. Clark, J. (2014). How we lead: Canada in a century of change. Vintage Canada.
  8. Clarke, A. (2017). Membering. Dundurn Press.
  9. Enger, Y. (2005). Playing left wing from rink rat to student radical. Fernwood Publishing.
  10. Fishman, L. (2010). Repairing rainbows: A true story of family, tragedy and choices. Author.
  11. Gill, R. (2011). On the outside looking Indian: How my second childhood changed my life. McClelland & Stewart.
  12. Harper, S. J. (2018). Right here, right now: Politics and leadership in the age of disruption. Signal.
  13. Hill, L. (2010). Black berry, sweet juice: On being black and white in Canada. HarperCollins Canada.
  14. Holmes, M. (2017). Working for the common good. Canadian women politicians. Fernwood Publishing.
  15. Horn, M. (1997). Becoming Canadian: Memoirs of an invisible immigrant. University of Toronto Press.
  16. Humphreys, H. (2013). Nocturne: On the life and death of my brother. Harper Collins.
  17. Jackson, M. (1992). The mother zone: Love, sex and laundry in the modern family. Random House
  18. Kinew, W. (2015). The reason you walk: A memoir. Penguin.
  19. Kirkby, M. A. (2011). I am Hutterite: The fascinating true story of a young woman’s journey to reclaim her heritage. Thomas Nelson.
  20. Knight, C. (2018). Dear current occupant: A memoir. Book Hug.
  21. Knockwood, D. (2018). Doug Knockwood, Mi’kmaw elder stories, memories, reflections. Fernwood Publishing.
  22. Knockwood, I.(2015). Out of the depths: The experiences of Mi’kmaw children at the Indian residential school at Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia. Fernwood Publishing.
  23. Lafferty, C (2018). Northern wildflower. Fernwood Publishing.
  24. Leavitt, S. (2011). Tangles: A story about Alzheimer’s, my mother and me. Random House.
  25. Leech, G (2019). Ghosts within: Journeying through PTSD. Fernwood Publishing.
  26. MacKinnon, F.R. (2004). Reflections. 55 Years in Public Service in Nova Scotia. Fernwood Publishing.
  27. Mailhot, T.M. (2018). Heart berries. Counterpoint.
  28. Martin, P. (2009). Hell or high water: My life in and out of politics. Emblem Editions.
  29.  Meisner, N. (2014).Double Pregnant. Two Lesbians Make a Family. Fernwood Publishing.
  30. Moran, B. (1992). A little rebellion. Arsenal Pulp Press.
  31. Mulroney, B. (2007). Memoirs: 1939–1993. Douglas Gibson.
  32. Nick Ternette (2013). Rebel without a pause. Fernwood Publishing.
  33. Pachai, B. (2007). Accidental opportunities: A journey through many doors, An autobiography. Fernwood Publishing.
  34. Parrot, J. (2005). My union, my life: Jean-Claude Parrot and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. Fernwood Publishing.
  35. Parsi, A. & Colbourne, M. (2015). Exiled for love the journey of an Iranian queer activist. Fernwood Publishing.
  36. Powley, J. (2018). Just Jen. Thriving through multiple sclerosis. Fernwood Publishing.
  37. Sellars, B., & Harrison, M. (2013). They called me number one: Secrets and survival at an Indian residential school. Talonbooks.
  38. Sileika, A.(2017). The barefoot bingo caller: A Memoir. ECW Press.
  39. Trudeau, J. (2014). Common ground. Harper Collins.
  40. Trudeau, P. (1993). Memoirs. McClelland & Stewart.
  41. van der Meulen, E.(Ed). (2018)  From suffragette to homesteader:Exploring British and Canadian Colonial Histories and Women’s Politics through Memoir. Fernwood Publishing.
  42. Wagamese, R. (2009). One native life. D & M Publishers.
  43. Walker, J.S.G. & Jones, R. B. (2016). Burnley “Rocky” Jones Revolutionary An Autobiography by Burnley “Rocky” Jones. Fernwood Publishing.
  44. Wangersky, R. (2008). Burning down the house: Fighting fires and losing myself. Dundurn Press.
  45. Wearing, A. (2013). Confessions of a fairy’s daughter: Growing up with a gay dad. Random House.
  46. Wilkes, H. W. (2010). Letters from the lost: A memoir of discovery. Athabasca University Press.
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