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Are you interested in becoming research coach for SOCW 2120 Social Welfare in Canada course I am scheduled to teach in the winter term? Successful student Research Coaches awarded a $1,500 scholarship giving them the opportunity to help instructors design a research project for a first- or second-year class and then guide students as they plan, research, and then present their research projects via participation in the Undergraduate Research Conference. Students who have taken SOCW 3000 Canadian Social Policy course and published their op-eds, research papers, and/or letters to the editors are highly encouraged to apply. Please fill the student part of the application form: https://www.tru.ca/__shared/assets/Research_Coach_Application44298.pdf

Please read more about the Research Coach program https://inside.tru.ca/2019/04/25/coach-program-opens-doors-to-research-early/

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