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Ideas for “Get Loan, We Trust” Program

One of the projects that I hope to implement once tenured is to start “Get Loan, We Trust” Program that will offer emergency loans to students who are interested in study social work but has limited financial resources. The program will provide a zero percent loan up to 2000 CAD per year to pay for expenses when a student is moving to a new place to start their social work program of studies. Once is a student is able to pay the loan, the next student will be able to qualify based on the expressed need. The goal of the program is to provide an emergency assistance in time of need. I have tried using this model in the past and still have 2000 CAD that was used by a number of students as an emergency support.

When I am tenured (tenured status will ensure that university will employ me for a number of years so I can operate the program beyond three years contracts) I hope to start doing more fundraising and find more people who are willing to support social work students by providing emergency loans in time of need. Having the “Get Loan, We Trust” program in the university will supplement existing mechanisms of financial support while providing students with emergency assistance in times of need. The fact that the loan money can be re-used by multiple recipients helps maintain the sustainability and growth of the program. Finding more people who can contribute to the program will ensure that more than 1 student can be supported at the same time by providing more loans.

If you are interested in creating “Get Loan We Trust” program let me know as having more people who are willing to help start the program might assist me to start the program before obtaining the tenured status by creating a non-profit organization to operate the program.


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