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TRU has an Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Fund and if you or someone you know might be interested in helping me with my research projects please review the eligibility criteria and let me know before September 23 if you might be interested to apply for the funding. Award amount of $3,000/student. Up to 30 awards available across TRU.

Please also submit all the required documents (Your name, student ID#, student email address, student resume/CV, GPA and copies of unofficial transcripts to me via e-mail okondrashov@tru.ca before September 23rd deadline).

Eligibility Criteria & Deadlines

• Students cannot hold two awards at one time (e.g. UREAP, USRA, Undergraduate Apprenticeship)

• Student cannot be employed more than twice by this funding opportunity.

• Term of award will be as outlined in the application and funds must be expended by March 1st

• Identified student will normally have a minimum GPA 3.2, at least 30 credits and be a full-time

TRU student

• Faculty may apply for more than one student per project if adequately justified in the application (MAXIMUM TWO PER FACULTY MEMBER)

2018-2019 Project:

Title of the Project: The Asset Map of Field Practicum Sites Across Canada

Project Description:

Asset mapping is a tool widely used in community development to promote sustainability and find new ways to connect people. The tool helps communities to identify their individual, associational, institutional, economic, physical, and cultural assets (Hardcastle, Powers, & Wenocur, 2011; Kretzmann, & McKnight, 1993; Lightfoot, McCleary, & Lum, 2014). The purpose of the project is to create an asset map of all possible social work placement sites in Canada. The asset map can be used by social work students to identify possible practicum sites, places of employment for social workers across Canada. The map will also be used to identify potential partners in designing collaborative projects among social work educators and social work practitioners and to design informational sheets for areas of social work practice in Canada. The long-term goal of the project is to have one asset map and information sheets on areas of social work practice in Canada to support social work students in locating possible field placements and employment opportunities for social workers in Canada

The asset map of field practicum sites and information sheets can assist social work students and educators who work nationally and internationally to locate information about social work field placement sites in Canada in one online accessible location. The use of The Asset Map of Field Practicum Sites Across Canada and information sheets has a potential to build partnerships and collaborations among universities and field placement sites across Canada and Internationally and provide needed data on current state of development of areas of social work practice in Canada.

Hardcastle, D. A., Powers, P. R., & Wenocur, S. (2011). Community practice: Theories and skills for social workers. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press

Kretzmann, J., & McKnight, J. (1993). Building communities from the inside out A path toward finding and mobilizing a community’s assets. Evanston, IL: Institute for Policy Research

Lightfoot, E., McCleary, J. S., & Lum, T. (2014). Asset mapping as a research tool for community-based participatory research in social work. Social Work Research, 38(1), 59-64.

Apprentice Role in the Project:

To support Dr. Oleksandr (Sasha) Kondrashov in completing information sheets on the development of areas for social work practice in Canada

To add new placement sites to The Asset Map of Field Practicum Sites Across Canada

Apprentice Learning Experience:

The strengthened skill of asset mapping and its application in community work

Enhanced literature search techniques on finding academic sources for the development of social work field education in Canada

Increased knowledge of social work field education in Canada

Faculty Experience in Supervising and Mentoring of Students:

Dr. Kondrashov has 14 years of teaching experience in multiple academic settings. More than 500 undergraduate and graduate students have been supervised and completed more than 150-course offerings in five Universities across Canada: Dalhousie University, University of Northern British Columbia, University of Manitoba, Wilfred Laurier University and Thompson Rivers University.

Dr. Kondrashov supervised ten independent studies courses (undergraduate and graduate) to support student’s projects in an academic setting.

Dr. Kondrashov provided liaison to more than 120 student’s practicums as a faculty advisor in field settings across Canada.

For more information on Dr. Kondrashov supervising and mentoring students experience, please visit the personal website: https://krasun.ca/teaching/

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