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Ideas for Scholarly Journals

In next decade I want to learn how to create new scholarly journals and promote research in areas I am passionate among my students and colleagues.

The first journal idea is the creation of Canadian Social Welfare Policy Journal. The journal will supplement the existing Canadian Review of Social Policy a scholarly and bilingual journal of progressive social policy that aims “to promote the exchange of ideas amongst a network of people involved in education, the public sector and social movements in the field of Canadian social policy and administration” and Canadian Public Policy, Canada’s foremost journal examining economic and social policy that aims “to stimulate research and discussion of public policy problems in Canada”.

Canadian Social Welfare Policy Journal will offer analyses of existing and proposed social policies through social work critical lenses and provide suggestions for improving social welfare policies using values from Canadian Association of Social Work Code of Ethics. The journal will have both professional and student issues to allow students who are taking social policy courses to share their research with the larger scholarly community.

The second idea is to create a Social Work Distance Education Journal with the aim to share recent developments in social work distance education in Canada and around the world. The journal will also have two issues. The student issue will highlight research completed by students who are taking social work distance education courses and professional issues will focus on how scholars use distance education delivery methods to teach social work courses in Canada and around the world.

The third idea is to create a Glocal Social Work Practice Journal that allows social workers across the globe to share ideas on new developments in social work practice in both global and local contexts. The goal of this journal is to give voice to social work academics, practitioners, students to share their insights on what should be done to set things right using social work values as their guiding principles for actions.

If anyone is interested in joining editorial board for each journal please let me know and we might be able to start working on these projects sooner!


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