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Health Care in Kamloops

Updated March 2018

If you are struggling to find or afford the health care you need, you are not alone. Kamloops has a shortage of family doctors, but more health care options are coming to Kamloops based on information from CBC podcast. Teleclinics now become one of the ways people can connect with doctors in pharmacies.

The BC government provides a lot of useful information and programs. Check https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/ for more information or dial 811 to speak with a registered nurse, dietitian, pharmacist or exercise professionals. The service is available in different languages. You can also learn about health literacy by completing the ABC Health Matters Workbook.


BC211.ca provides the following information about health services in Kamloops: Foot and Nail Care Services, Health Facilities and Walk-In Clinics, Additional Health Resources, Home and Community Care Services, Home Support Alternatives, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Orthotics/Prosthetics, and Pharmacy Delivery. Interior Health Guide to Home & Community Care provides a detailed review of care options.  The Center for Senior Information has its directory for health care services in Kamloops.


The BC community health profile for Kamloops provides some current data on people’s health status. The City of Kamloops also offers an interesting brochure on plant health care on how to caring for the health of your gardens. Elaine Sedgman developed a start-up guide on Public Produce: Growing Food in Public Spaces. TRU has health care assistant program to train health care aids to meet community needs. Kamloops Community Response Network lists many organizations to improve health for victims of violence. Please check the BC Low cost dental programs for cancer patients. A detailed First Nations BC Health Handbook is also available. Clicklaw site provides legal information, education and help for British Columbians.


Healthcare insurance information when moving to BC is available here and here.  The medical services BC plan brochure is available online and provides critical information on what is covered under the plan. When you need to refuse health care, please review this information sheet to know your rights. Access to Trans Surgical Health Care in BC is outlined in this article. Information on immunization using health care workers as examples can be obtained here. BC Palliative care benefits registration can be accessed here. WorkSafe BC provides a detailed overview of health care and social services and injury prevention resources here. The most used health care related services for immigrants are listed here. BC elder’s guide lists many relevant health care resources. Some culturally sensitive health care practices are listed in the following publication: Providing Diversity Competent Care to People of the Sikh Faith The brochure provides Questions and Answers about the Privacy of Personal Health Information and E‐health in British Columbia. Kamloops Health Care Services are also listed on relocate to Canada.com website . There are multiple health volunteer opportunities listed on Volunteer Kamloops website. If you need a family doctor please check the Find a Doctor website or BC Physician search. Look for Kamloops Doctor’s directory. All you need to know about the Pharma Care Assistance Levels and Pharma Care Plans. General Information about Pharma Care.


Stay healthy. Keep learning.

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