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Thompson Rivers University




BSW Program (7 courses)

SOCW 2060 Introduction to Social Work Practice

SOCW 2120 An Introduction to Social Welfare in Canada

SOCW 3000 Canadian Social Policy

SOCW 3010 Introduction to Social Work Research

SOCW 4020 Social Work Field Practice

SOCW 4800 International Social Work

SOCW 4900 Directed Studies

Courses offered at TRU as Directed Studies Courses 2016-2020

BSW Degree (4)

Directed Studies: Professional Resiliency in Social Work Practice

Directed Studies: Professional Social Work Identity Development Process

Directed Studies: Social Work with Selected Immigrant Populations

Directed Studies: Pandemic Social Work

Courses that are developed as practicum options 2020-future (8)

Deaf People and Social Work Practice

Social Work in Long Term Care

History of Ukrainians in Canada

Russia-Ukraine Relationship

Masculinity, Wilderness, Adventure Therapy

Positive Social Work

Welcome to Kamloops

Welcome to University

Bohdan Khmelnitsky National University




BSW Program (1 course)

International Social Work (in Ukrainian)


Wilfrid Laurier University




MSW Program (2 courses)

SK 504: Research Methods in Social Work Practice

SK 522: Social Work Practice with Individuals

University of Northern British Columbia




MSW Program (1 course)

SOCW 609 – Advanced Quantitative Research


Dalhousie University




BSW Program (6 courses)

SLWK 2010 Introduction to Community Social Work

SLWK 2111 Development of Canadian Social Work and Social Welfare

SLWK 3012 Perspectives on Social Welfare Policy

SLWK 3030 Theoretical Foundations of Social Work Practice

SLWK 3120 International Social Work.

SLWK 3220 Cross-Cultural Social Work Practice

MSW Program (6 courses)

SLWK 5120 International Social Work.

SLWK 5830 Independent Study

SLWK 5831 Independent Study

SLWK 6381 Social Policy Issues and Analysis for Practice  

SLWK 6385 Community and Social Change

SLWK 6415 Social Work Field Work Class

MSW Degree / Independent Studies (3 courses)

Independent Studies 1: Selected Issues in Japanese Child Welfare: Adoption

Independent Studies 2: Postpartum Maternal Resiliency

Independent Studies 2: Continuing Social Work Education in Canada

University of Manitoba




BSW Program (15 courses)

SWRK 1310 – Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Analysis

SWRK 2050 – Community and Organizational Theory

SWRK 2080 – Interpersonal Communication Skills

SWRK 2090 – Human Behaviour and Social Work Practice

SWRK 2110 – Emergence of the Canadian Social Welfare State

SWRK 2130 – Comparative Social Welfare Systems

SWRK 3100 – Systematic Inquiry in Social Work

SWRK 3130 – Contemporary Canadian Social Welfare

SWRK 3140 – Introduction to Social Work Practice

SWRK 4050 – Selected Topics in Social Work (Program Management and Evaluation)

SWRK 4070 – Social Problem and Social Work Practice Seminar (Addictions)

SWRK 4200/4300 – Field Focus of Social Work Practice (Community Development and the Process of Change; International and Local Community Development; Immigrants, Refugees and Visible Minorities; Children and Families in Poverty)

Pre-MSW Program (1 Course)

SWRK 6040 – Anti-Oppressive Social Work Practice

BHS / BHE Family Social Sciences Program (12 courses)

FMLY 1012 – Introduction to Social Development

FMLY 1020 – Family Issues Across the Lifespan

FMLY 1900 – Families, Housing and Community: An Introductory Perspective

FMLY 2012 – Development, Conflict, and Displacement

FMLY 2400 – Family Financial Health

FMLY 2600 – Foundations of Childhood Developmental Health

FMLY 2900 – Families, Housing and Community: A Development Perspective

FMLY 3240 – Family in Later Years

FMLY 3800 – Conflict Resolution in the Family

FMLY 4470 – Selected Studies in the Family II (Family Communication)

FMLY 4600 – Risk and Resilience in Behavioural and Social Development

FMLY 4800 – Senior Seminar in Family Violence and Conflict Resolution

BA Program (3 courses)

SOC 1200 – Introduction to Sociology

ARTS 1110 – Introduction to University

PSYC 1200 – Introduction to Psychology

Non-degree program (3 courses)

Basic University Skills

Basic Counselling Theories

Suicide Prevention and Intervention





71 unique courses

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