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Tourism Kamloops website provides a detailed overview of key attractions in the city. One can read the Tourism Kamloops strategic plan for 2017-2022 to know what new developments are planned for the city. 2015 Kamloops vacation planner is here and here.  Visit Kamloops factsheet is here. Geotour guide of Kamloops is here.

One can also review the British Columbia 2010 Circle Routes Scenic Driving Guide and learn what can be explored in the province.  Multi-Day Circle Tours Mapbook that covers KAMLOOPS, CARIBOO, CHILCOTIN AND THOMPSON REGIONS can be found here. More road trips in BC can be found in this article and on this webpage. BC sport tourism guide is here. The essential guide to developing, managing and marketing mountain bike tourism product in BC can be found here.  Self-Guided Circle Farm Tour brochure you can access here. Kamloops winery trail is here. Shuswap Motor Touring Guide is here. The North Thompson Valley Driving Tour is here. Kamloops heritage railway also offer local tours.

You can access Theresa the Traveller blog here and top 10 lists here. More day trips from Kamloops can be found here and here and here. 25 unique dates ideas in Kamloops are discussed here. You can also take a tour of 40 million Cascades Casino in Kamloops.

The list of things to do in Kamloops with kids is here. There are more than 1200 articles that explore Kamloops trails, roads, trips here. Cultural Walks tour and locations of all murals in Kamloops can be found here. One can take a Virtual Tour of Royal Inland Hospital Maternity Services.

Kamloops This Week has a good travel section achieve with many articles on local travel.

The playlist for Kamloops tourism videos you can access here or through official tourism Kamloops youtube channel.

Enjoy exploring Kamloops!

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