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Vichnaya Pamjat’ Vasyl Mykhajlovytch! (Пострільоний Василь Михайлович 1945-2021)

Forty days ago, I had received a phone call from Lviv and learned from my uncle that one of our best family friends suddenly passed away. It was challenging to comprehend as I just connected with Vasyl’ Mykhajlovytch before driving to Winnipeg, and there were no signs that it would be our last Skype call. We had an excellent connection with Uncle, his wife and Vasyl Mykhajlovytch, who visited Truskavets. During our Skype call, Vasyl Mykhajlovytch kept sharing his knowledge, planning a new academic year in Lviv Technological Litsey.

Vasyl’ was 77 years young, and he still kept helping students and inspiring the young Ukraine generation to be the best in math, language, biology, chemistry, and other sciences. In addition, he maintained his website and shared multiple resources. Hence, students have access to the newest achievements of Ukrainians worldwide: https://www.rmc-ltl.info/ Dr. Postrilionnyj had unique memory and taught my Uncle how to play chess. He studied with Mama and Uncle at Lviv Polytechnic University, and My grandma was his university doctor. He often visited us when I was growing up and always had amazing stories about social policy and high school and university education developments. During my annual visits to Ukraine, we always had a family dinner where Vasyl Mykhaylovytch took a role as a storyteller and updated me on everything I missed being away from Lviv.

One of Vasyl’s Mykhaylovytch students, Yaryna, helped me create an asset map of the Ukrainian-Canadian community. Both of us were very proud of Yaryna’s work and the opportunity to learn unique skills and share her talents with the world. The picture of Vasyl’ Mykhajovytch and Yaryna is on my website to acknowledge their contribution to Ukrainian Canada Asset Map creation. I also share the photo in this post. Finally, here is an official obituary (In Ukrainian): http://lictechnol.at.ua/blog/10_18vidijshla_u_vichnist_dobra_i_shhira_ljudina/2021-09-20-401

Vichnaya Pamyat’ to Vasyl’ Mykhajolvytch Postrilionnyj. Condolences to the family and friends. It is a tremendous loss for our family. Although I could not fly to Ukraine this time, I know that once I am back again, we will have an opportunity to remember Vasyl’ Mykhajlovytch in a family circle in Lviv. I am grateful that many students will continue building Dr. Postrilionnyj’s legacy by sharing knowledge, caring for the future generation and loving education and lifelong learning.

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