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Kamloops Winter Holidays Lights 2020

Pandemic changed many travel plans. One of the few travel activities that can be done anytime is driving within your household group (when one has access to the vehicle and can afford gas). In 2020 I have collected information from multiple sources on the best-decorated houses in Kamloops. Please check the Asset Map of Kamloops Holidays Lights 2020 and enjoy the drive. You can program up to 8 locations in Google Maps and celebrate the views that local Kamloopsians created for everyone near their residence places. The map has pictures so one can preview the site. Not all information is accurate as my GPS has not always captured the correct locations, so please feel free to send corrections to okondrashov@tru.ca. If you have pictures of places I could not visit, please feel free to send me the photo and location. If you are the house owner and do not want your site to be listed on the map, please let me know, and I will remove it.

Thank you all for supporting sharing the joy, hope, peace and creativity during this pandemic holiday season and always. I hope next year’s annual senior’s tour will be back, and more people can enjoy seeing the terrific winter lights in Kamloops. Happy Holidays

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