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Ukrainian-Canadian Cooking Night at Hills of Peace: Sharing Food Made with Love.

Thank you to all who attended the Ukrainian-Canadian Cuisine Event at Hills of Peace Lutheran Church, and I have to say it was an incredible experience. From start to finish, the event was full of fun, learning, a sense of community and delicious food. Thank you to United for Ukraine Local Love Fund #uwbclm for financial support.

The afternoon began with the joy of finding all the needed ingredients at the local Superstore.

We then got to dive right into the cooking experience, where everyone who loved cooking was sharing their talents and those who were learning observed and participated in food making process led by skilled Ukrainian-Canadian chefs.

We prepared many traditional dishes from scratch, getting hands-on experience and guidance from the chefs along the way. By 6:00 p.m., we had cabbage rolls, varenyky, nalysnyky, zhul’yen, multiple salads, Borshch, special Ukrainian sandwiches ready to be tasted with cold and warm fruit drinks (compote and uzvar) and various sweets to enjoy together.

All participants were able to learn about each recipe. In addition, two copies of the rare Traditional Ukrainian Cookery by Savella Stechishin books were available on-site with other Ukrainian-Canadian cookbooks to ensure those who want to repeat the recipes at home could do so.

This event was a true dream come true for everyone who is always looking to expand their culinary skills and knowledge. Everyone learned much about Ukrainian-Canadian cuisine and culture and met and socialized with other food enthusiasts who shared their passion for learning and trying new things. Special thank you to Olena and her family from Kryvyj Rih for sharing the Ukrainian art of cooking and to all Canadian-Ukrainian community members for allowing us to enjoy the food made with love and for preserving Ukrainian cuisine in Canada.

Once the learning about food ingredients to make each dish was complete and the moment of silence for those no longer with us was observed, we all sat down together to enjoy the delicious dishes. Every dish was flavorful and made with love and care, from savoury pierogies to hearty borscht soup.

The food-tasting event in the evening was fabulous. The dishes were all beautifully presented and tasted amazing, making for a truly unforgettable culinary experience. The organizers were incredibly friendly and accommodating, and the whole experience was so much fun. I stay hopeful we will continue creating future events like this and explore the rich and diverse world of Ukrainian-Canadian cuisine.

Thank you, Natika, for documenting the event, chefs, learners and food tasters for standing with Ukraine and all the welcoming, caring atmosphere of the community who share the food with love.

Special thank you to Alana, Meo and Warren (not on picture) for making sure that all looked super clean

Thank you, Pastor Jane and Hills of Peace Lutheran Church Congregation Members, for providing space and offering on-site support and the United Way BC Local Love Fund for financial support of the event.

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