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Project Resilience 911 and other Facebook Groups for Mental Health First Responders and Military Personnel Course

Compiled by Oleksandr (Sasha) Kondrashov

Contributors: Oleksandr (Sasha) Kondrashov, Amanda Conway.

Project Resilience 911 – First Responder/Frontline/Military Peer Support


This is the main Facebook group for Mental Health First Responders and Military Personnel class.

Project Resilience 911 has been created as a localized Peer Support Team to support all first responders, frontline workers, military personnel in the Brandon and Westman area, their families, and support persons. This page has expanded so far beyond Brandon, which is so encouraging in regard to the promotion first responder/frontline/military mental health. Project Resilience 911 currently has representatives from Brandon Police Service, RCMP D Division, Rivers Police Service, Brandon Fire and Emergency Services, Manitoba First Nations Police Service, Brandon Correctional Centre, Prairie Mountain Health – BRHC Emergency Department and Crisis Services, Canadian Armed Forces and our local Emergency Communications (Telecoms).

Project Resilience 911 has been established in effort to share resources, initiatives, funding and training opportunities between all first responder/frontline/military agencies in our area.

This Facebook group will be accessible by approved members only as monitored by the administrators. All posts will be assessed for appropriateness. This Group will be used as a connection tool for first responders/frontline employees, military personnel, their families, and support persons. It will also be an outlet to keep group members up to date on the current endeavours of the Project Resilience 911 Peer Support Team. This page will also contain articles and information on first responder/frontline worker/military personnel trauma and mental health, including resources.

We look forward to establishing continued and further rapport with our local first responders/frontline workers/military personnel and their supports.

Sincerely, the Project Resilience 911 team

You can also check other groups for support. If you notice some groups are missing, please feel free to contact Dr. Oleksandr Kondrashov okondrashov@tru.ca, and I will add the group to the list.

First Responder/EMT/Paramedics on Facebook


First Responders First


First Responders Worldwide


First Responders Support Group


First Responders Helping First Responders


First Responder and Family Fitness – Fit Responder


First Responders Network


First Responders Are Human


Female First Responders


Community First Responders


Ontario’s First Responders PTSD Support Group


Military Veterans of Canada


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