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Canadian-Ukrainian Carols: Kamloops Edition

Welcome to the first Kamloops edition of Canadian-Ukrainian carols. I have collected carols to celebrate New Year and practice Ukrainian for several years. When I moved to Kamloops, BC, I wanted to localize some English carols while practicing Ukrainian. The inspiration to create an organized list via this book came after my God Mother (Khresna), Lesya Krypyakewych, sent me a new Ukrainian carol В Україні у нас на різдвяному столі (In Ukraine on Christmas Table we have). The Ukrainian version is based on the English carol melody: On the 12th Day of Christmas. I just changed a few words, and the carol became: “In Kamloops on Christmas table we have” using the same melody from the 12th Day of Christmas.

I added each page using the Youtube video recordings found online. Therefore, each page features one localized English language carol and Ukrainian word that match the melody.

The selection is helpful to everyone who wants to learn Ukrainian. Each page features a (1) Ukrainian version of the carol. (2) There is a transliterated version for those who can read transliterated Ukrainian. (3) The Google translated version of the carol to see how it matches the original lyrics. (4) The localized version of the original carol. Four columns layout helps you sing along every time you hear the melody. In addition, the localized version allows you to carol in the local community (Kamloops) and share the joy of carolling with your neighbours in English and Ukrainian.

In addition to a four-column layout, I incorporated the link to Ukrainian and English versions of the carol. I also shared the link to the notes to practice on the piano. The hope is to keep making language learning fun and create new resources to support those interested in carolling and language learning. If you have carols that are not yet on the list or alternative Ukrainian versions of the English language carols already included, please feel free to send me the Youtube link. I will keep expanding this edition. To keep localizing the edition, I also hope to add a few winter pictures from Kamloops, BC. Have fun learning Ukrainian, exploring Kamloops and sharing the joy of New Year. Merry Ukrainian Christmas.

Best Wishes from Kamloops

To download the PDF version of the guide follow the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r69zVE8wscp-_6KId9aHEQdhl5BgMlNx/view?usp=sharing

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