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35+ Ukrainian Canadian and Ukrainian Global Facebook Groups (Links Included)

I have shared information about the Ukrainians in Canada course in more than 20 Facebook groups related to Ukrainians in Canada. Please keep sharing the message and hope we can find everyone who might benefit from taking the course.

Here is the message I have shared with the community

If you or someone you know might be interested in taking the Ukrainians in Canada community learning course, please find below more information and register via Zoom. Sorry for cross-posting, just making sure that information is shared as widely as possible. This course will be offered to community members free of charge. More information about the course: https://krasun.ca/2021/01/03/ukrainians-in-canada-community-learning-course/

Two thousand twenty-one marks the 130th year of Ukrainian immigration to Canada. This community learning course is an opportunity to celebrate the life of Ukrainian People in Canada.

The first class is on Saturday, January 9th at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Here is the Zoom registration link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMlcumoqDotE9Z1c-YS3XyE7bG6ID-wR-Sc

Name of the GroupFacebook Page Link
Ukrainians in Ottawahttps://bit.ly/38ivSdJ
Українці за кордономhttps://bit.ly/35ft3rU
WE ARE Ukrainian!https://bit.ly/3bjnCMx
SUSK: Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union Alumnihttps://bit.ly/3rUZOEq
Українці в Канаді (Ukrainians in Canada)https://bit.ly/3bcvPlj
Ukrainian Bloc Settlement of East Central Albertahttps://bit.ly/2XeUwWe
Українське Торонто / Ukrainian Torontohttps://bit.ly/2Mv3ah6
Едмонтон Українськийhttps://bit.ly/3ncNjk4
Ukrainians In Victoria B.Chttps://bit.ly/2JMg0GK
Українці та друзі України у Ванкувері / Vancouver Ukrainians and Friendshttps://bit.ly/3rYvLM8
I am a proud Ukrainianhttps://bit.ly/2Xcx2RF
Ukrainian Culturehttps://bit.ly/3hTuVeX
Ukrainians of Calgaryhttps://bit.ly/3nhthVx
Ukrainian Pridehttps://bit.ly/3nne3yi
Ukrainians in Canada and USAhttps://bit.ly/2L790F1
Українці в Канадіhttps://bit.ly/3olBEk7
Ukrainian Edmontonhttps://bit.ly/396S9dG
Ukrainian Newcomers in Calgary/Домівкаhttps://bit.ly/3ojBmdv
Ukrainian Proudhttps://bit.ly/3nmzMX4
Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Nova Scotia Branchhttps://bit.ly/3niNURh
Ukrainian Canadian Connectionhttps://bit.ly/3hKHBF3
Український Вінніпегhttps://bit.ly/2L7bROf
Ukrainian community of Atlantic Canadahttps://bit.ly/3om1u7H
Ukrainian Manitoba – Українці Манітобиhttps://bit.ly/3hMFpg1
Winnipeg Ukrainian Culture & Educationhttps://bit.ly/35efJUq
Ukrainians in Canada/Українці в Канаді/Наші в Канадіhttps://bit.ly/3bdF0Cb
UKRAINIANS IN CANADAhttps://bit.ly/3hNPtWn
Ukrainians in Halifax, NS, Canadahttps://bit.ly/3rYyPrD
Українці в Канадіhttps://bit.ly/3onmwTm
Ukrainians in Edmonton, Українці в Едмонтоніhttps://bit.ly/3rZToUn
Ukrainians in Toronto Grouphttps://cutt.ly/3jf3IDc
Українці Торонто/Онтаріоhttps://cutt.ly/Fjf3Gyz
Ukrainians Global Networkhttps://cutt.ly/ljf3Vrc
CANADA / Дошка оголошень / Українці в Канадіhttps://cutt.ly/ejf33Jt

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