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June 28 Constitution of Ukraine Day

The Constitution of Ukraine of 1996 (Конституція України) for people of Ukraine is like the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms of 1982, for people of Canada. Constitution allows Ukrainians an ability to govern themselves and to live on their land, speak Ukrainian language. It grants equal civil and political rights to all people of Ukraine. The fundamental law of Ukraine was adopted on June 28, 1996.

For twenty-four years, the People of Ukraine are still building policies that align with the constitution to undo the oppression they experienced under 70+ years of the USSR and prior colonizers of Ukrainian land. Ukrainian territory has been colonized by a number of countries throughout thousands of years of history that were killing Indigenous People of Ukraine and taking away Ukrainian land, culture, traditions and language.

Ukrainians, after experiencing multiple levels of economic, cultural, political and social oppression and wars in Ukraine, now live and work in most countries in the world. Canada has seen at least five waves of Ukrainian immigration in the last 125 years. No matter where Ukrainians are living now, they are united in their language, culture and traditions while sharing their gifts with the global community. One war with Russia in Ukraine is still on going. It already resulted in annexing Crimea, an autonomous territory of Ukraine and killing thousands of people of Ukraine on its Eastern border. Ukrainians around the world every day, cry to the international community to stop Russian aggression, violence and killing of people of Ukraine. The war is on-going for the last six years, and every day more Ukrainian families lose their loved ones who are defending Ukrainian borders and protecting the Constitution of Ukraine. Now Ukraine is fighting the war and pandemic at the same time.  Despite everyday challenges, Ukrainians are staying proud of their language and culture. They fight injustices and stand in solidarity with people who defend their lands, cultures, languages and freedoms. As Ukrainian anthem states, “Souls and bodies we’ll lay down, all for our freedom, And we’ll show that we are members of the Cossack nation!”

Happy Constitution of Ukraine Day.

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