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Students Concerns During Pandemic around the World

Compiled by Oleksandr (Sasha) Kondrashov, Ph.D., RSW

April 2020

Thank you for voicing your concerns. My words of thanks are going to all students. Your stories and experiences are unique. I hope universities around the world will listen and adequately respond to your concerns. I want to thank you all for finding the courage to share your worries when asking for an extension, when you needed someone to listen, when you just needed to Zoom in!.

Thank you:

  1. To the first-year students all the way through to Masters and Ph.D. students, domestic or international, part-time or full time, who entered the Winter 2020 term
  2. To the student and recent graduates who were looking toward internships and jobs over the summer
  3. To the student caregivers who provide extra care to their dependant family members during the pandemic
  4. To the student in public and private schools who are required to fund their education
  5. To the student parents who are required to become teachers for their kids when schools are closed.
  6. To the student who cannot attend the in-person convocation ceremony which has been cancelled or postponed
  7. To the student who cannot receive an extension and struggle to meet the deadlines
  8. To the student who cannot return home due to travel restrictions
  9. To the student who does now know how to fund their future education
  10. To the student who doesn’t have a relationship with their parents or doesn’t feel comfortable going home or are financially independent now
  11. To the student who experienced  other unforeseen circumstances, they could not have planned for
  12. To the student who experiences an unexpected change in living situation
  13. To the student who experiences depression due to social isolation
  14. To the student who experiences financial hardship due to COVID-19 outbreak
  15. To the student who experiences more general stress and anxiety while navigating the unknown remote learning environment
  16. To the student who experiences personal illness or illness or death in the family
  17. To the student who faces barriers to accessing online classes and exams
  18. To the student who feels frustrated and uncertain about future studies or post-graduation plans
  19. To the student who is  postponing their studies as universities cannot offer required practicum to complete degree requirements
  20. To the student who is adapting to new campus culture, learning style or city as a result of campuses closures
  21. To the student who is expected to show up for class and write the scheduled exam at a specific time
  22. To the student who is faced with an exceptional medical situation as a result of COVID-19
  23. To the student who is finding new ways to cope with feelings of isolation, loneliness or depression   
  24. To the student who is forced to create a unique balance between personal and academic priorities
  25. To the student who is looking for free wifi to submit their final paper
  26. To the student who is online or distance education student and whose voices were not heard on campuses around the world
  27. To the student who is postponing a return to their communities and provide needed supports as their classes have been cancelled  
  28. To the student who is postponing their studies to take care of their well-being
  29. To the student who is required to write more papers as a result of COVID-19 to demonstrate their knowledge while their instructor has limited experience teaching remotely
  30. To the student who is unable to have funds transfer out of the country
  31. To the student who lost their income due to COVID-19
  32. To the student who lost their loved ones due to COVID-19
  33. To the student who lost their temporary jobs and currently looking for ways to buy groceries while studying for final exam
  34. To the student who manages tensions with family members, friends and instructors to complete course requirements.
  35. To the student who suffered from the devaluation of a country’s currency
  36. To the student who suffers multiple losses from going to universities in 2020 due to pandemic
  37. To the student who was denied emergency benefits as their concern is deemed ineligible for assistance
  38. To the student who was unable to complete courses and is looking for supports
  39. To the student who had the supports to complete courses in winter 2020

Thank you for voicing your concerns. Thank you for advocating for others. Thank you for taking care of yourself. Thank you for your dedication to your studies. Thank you for your desire to learn. Thank you for your support of your instructors, your universities as they transition to remote learning. Thank you for demanding adequate supports during a pandemic. Thank you for being you.

Every day, students keep learning to ensure their communities will have future professionals to innovate, share their knowledge and skills and build a better world for all.  Every day, students show up more capable, stronger, and braver than the day before, as we all do.

My name is Sasha. I am a social work educator. I have heard my student’s stories on managing their studies during the pandemic. I am hopeful universities find ways to provide an adequate learning environment in times of pandemic to all students and attend to their needs to become our future leaders, innovators and trailblazers in their chosen fields of study.

To students around the world keep learning and sharing your knowledge. We need your expertise now and in the future.

To class 2020, thank you for all your work and your commitment to complete your studies when possible. We will celebrate one day in person with you whenever it is safe to do.

Copy and paste on your newsfeed, add your name to the list, share your story, make your voice heard. Can we get to 50 reasons to say thank you to students during a pandemic? Support students in their studies. Together we will build a healthier future for all of us.


  1. Jackie Mattice says:

    Hi Sasha
    Sorry I couldn’t make the meeting last night via zoom. I just wanted to share my story. I have been fortunate to be still working, but it really scares me to go to work each day because I am so scared of this pandemic. I work in a senior home and really afraid that I could pass it on to them and I hear about all the stories of longterm care homes contracting the virus, which doesn’t help my anxiety around the covid-19 it has taken me awhile to go anywhere because I am so afraid besides going to work. I also have been so irritated with people more these days and I am also having a hard time concentrating on my final paperwork. Thank you so much for thanking all the students. To all the students you rock


    • Sasha says:

      Thank you, Jackie, for sharing your story and for providing essential service to our vulnerable seniors. I hear your worry and please know that I will keep flexible deadline policy (students will determine when their final assignment is ready for submission and then I will grade it within 2 weeks) as I hope it will alleviate some anxiety and allow you and others focus on learning when possible in this challenging times. Keep sharing your knowledge. Stay safe and healthy. I am proud of your commitment to social justice and service to humanity.


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