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Kamloops Temperature and Climate

The temperature in Kamloops is measured on the Celsius scale.  The average temperatures in Kamloops are not as cold as in many other parts of Canada. One can check the current temperature in Kamloops on the Government of Canada Website or CBC Weather Center. The temperature is measured at Kamloops Airport, so it might be slightly different if you live in the mountainous parts of Kamloops.

Weather Atlas provides monthly weather forecasts and climate information for Kamloops, Canada. Please check their website to learn the average temperature, humidity, rainfall, snowfall, daylight and UV index in Kamloops for each month.

Wikipedia offers the following information about Kamloops climate: Kamloops has mild winters. The only other two non-coastal cities that have warmer winters also located in BC are Penticton and Kelowna. Kamloops is located above 50° north latitude, but summers are hot with dry and sunny weather. The dry weather in summer creates an opportunity for thunderstorms to ignite forest fires around the Kamloops area. The highest temperature was recorded in July 1939 and 1941 was around 42°C (107 °F). The coldest temperature was −38.3 °C (−37 °F) on 6 and 8 January 1950.

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