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Social Work Education in Honduras

Social Work Education in Honduras

Schools of Social Work in Honduras were easy to map as there is only one School in the country: HND Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras https://cienciassociales.unah.edu.hn/  and thanks to Yolanda Molina Fonseca we were able to verify the information.

It was also not easy to find literature on social work in Honduras. Only two sources briefly mention the developments of social work in Honduras:

Negrón-Velázquez, G. (2016). Attitudes toward poverty among exit students of undergraduate social work programs in eight Latin American countries. European Journal of Social Work, 19(3–4), 385–404.

Watts, T. D., Elliott, D., & Mayadas, N. S. (Eds.). (1995). International handbook on social work education. Greenwood Publishing Group.

I hope once we complete the article on Colombia it will be exciting to research the state of social work in Honduras.

If you can help us to verify schools of social work in your country please e-mail okondrashov@tru.ca

Social Work Education in Colombia

Social Work Education in Colombia

Colombia was the first country in Latin America Region we received feedback from local social work educators and thanks to Yuly Marcela Parra Montoya we were able to finalize the list with the latest information on Social Work Education in Colombia that can also be accessed online: https://conetsco.org We found 27 Schools of Social Work in Colombia

  1. COL Corporación Universitaria Del Caribe (CECAR) https://cecar.edu.co/programas/extension-sincelejo/pregrado/programas-modalidad-presencial/trabajo-social.html
  2. COL Corporacion Universitaria Republican               https://urepublicana.edu.co/pages/programas/Profesional/trabajo_social
  3. COL Fundacion Universitaria Monserrate
  4. https://www.unimonserrate.edu.co/trabajo-social/
  5. COL University College of Cundinamarca http://www.unicolmayor.edu.co/nuevo/index.php?idcategoria=2065
  6. COL Universidad de Antioquia               http://www.udea.edu.co/wps/portal/udea/web/inicio/institucional/unidades-academicas/facultades/ciencias-sociales-humanas
  7. COL Universidad de Caldas            http://aspirantes.ucaldas.edu.co/trabajo-social/
  8. COL Universidad de Cartagena               http://cienciassocialesyeducacion.unicartagena.edu.co/programas-academicos/trabajo-social/informacion-general
  9. COL Universidad de La Guajira     http://www.uniguajira.edu.co/trabajo-social-ficha-tecnica
  10. COL Universidad Libre Seccional Pereira Sede Centro               http://unilibrepereira.edu.co/portal/index.php/oferta-academica/pregrado/derecho-pregrado/programa-trabajosocial
  11. COL Universidad Externado de Colombia               https://www.uexternado.edu.co/programa/ciencias-sociales-y-humanas/trabajo-social/
  12. COL Universidad del Quindío        http://www.uniquindio.edu.co/trabajo_social/
  13. COL Sinu University          https://www.unisinu.edu.co/trabajo-social/
  14. COL University Foundation Juan De Castellanos               https://www.jdc.edu.co/programas/pregrado/trabajo-social
  15. COL Simón Bolívar University       https://www.unisimon.edu.co/pregrados/trabajo-social-acreditado/barranquilla
  16. COL Universidad del Valle              http://trabajosocial.univalle.edu.co/
  17. COL Universidad de la Salle
  18. https://www.lasalle.edu.co/trabajo-social
  19. COL Industrial University De Santander               http://www.uis.edu.co/webUIS/es/academia/facultades/cienciasHumanas/escuelas/trabajoSocial/programasAcademicos/trabajoSocial/index.jsp?variable=41
  20. COL Universidad Mariana              http://www.umariana.edu.co/trabajo-social.html
  21. COL Universidad Minuto de Dios               http://www.uniminuto.edu/web/programasacademicos/universitarios
  22. COL Universidad Nacional de Colombia    http://www.humanas.unal.edu.co/2017/unidades-academicas/departamentos/trabajo-social/
  23. COL Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana     https://www.upb.edu.co/es/pregrados/trabajo-social-medellin
  24. COL Universidad Metropolitana de Barranquilla    http://www.unimetro.edu.co/trabajo-social/
  25. COL Universidad Tecnologica del Choco Diego Luis Cordoba               https://www.utch.edu.co/portal/es/informaciongral-trabajosocial.html
  26. COL University Corporation of Meta – Unimeta               http://www.unimeta.edu.co/modules/programs/detailed.aspx?id=664
  27. COL Coporacion University Rafael Núñez | Main building               https://www.curn.edu.co/pregrados/faccsh/tsctg.html

Thanks to support from Rob Long who compiled the literature on Social Work in Colombia we are ready to proceed with the nest step in writing an academic article on social work education in Colombia:

Bueno, A. M. (2017). Reflexiones históricas sobre el Desarrollo del Trabajo Social en Colombia. Trabajo Social, (19), 67–84. https://doi.org/10.15446/ts.v0n19.67451

Cruz Castillo, A. L. (2012). ¿Qué se enseña y se aprende en una práctica de entrenamiento profesional en trabajo social? Prospectiva, (16), 161. https://doi.org/10.25100/prts.v0i16.1167

Mejía Naranjo, J. G. (2015). La organización gremial del Trabajo Social en Colombia, 1976-2012. Prospectiva, (19), 441. https://doi.org/10.25100/prts.v0i19.981

Moreno Ávila, O. L., & Giraldo, C. L. (2015). Self-evaluation of the social work practicum: the experience of Universidad del Valle School of Social Work (2005-2010). Prospectiva, (20), 429. https://doi.org/10.25100/prts.v0i20.949

Sierra Tapiro, J. P. (2016). Vigencia de la lucha de clases, proceso de paz en Colombia y desafíos al Trabajo Social. Prospectiva, (22), 229. https://doi.org/10.25100/prts.v0i22.1243

Sierra Tapiro, J. P., & Villegas Cardona, S. L. (2011). La formación profesional en Trabajo Social. Vigencia del debate sobre los paradigmas sociales: El caso de la Universidad del Valle. Prospectiva, (14), 48. https://doi.org/10.25100/prts.v0i14.1088

Sierra-Tapiro, J. P. (2018). Una aproximación al Colectivo de Trabajo Social Crítico Colombia (TSCC): por una renovación crítica del Trabajo Social. Prospectiva, 139–170. https://doi.org/10.25100/prts.v0i26.6622

What country will be next? Help us to verify all Schools of Social Work in your country by sending an e-mail to okondrashov@tru.ca

Welcome to Kamloops: Three things to Know about Child and Family Social Services in Kamloops

Welcome to Kamloops: Three things to Know about Child and Family Social Services in Kamloops

1: Know where to find the right services for children and families in Kamloops

One can find online KAMLOOPS FAMILY SERVICES Contact Information. This information sheet by EwayKamloops provides one with details related to local services for children and youth. It is organized by the following age groups: Under 6, Children 6 – 12, and Youth. One can also contact Make Children First (MCF) a community coalition of individuals and organizations who believe that it takes a whole community to raise a child. They work to enhance the ability of our community to support the healthy development of children and their families. Interesting Shapedown BC program is available for eligible kids in BC. One can also access online Child &Youth Mental Health Guide for the region.

2: Know how to protect children in Kamloops

A child in BC is a person under the age of 19. Here is the policy on how to report a child in need of protection. “If your child is taken” brochure provides overview of key rights of the parents when a child is removed under the protection concerns. One can also contact Secwepemc Child and Family Services or Metis Commission for Child and Family Services in BC or local Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD) for relevant services. Navigating the Child Protection Process presentation provides an overview of Ministry of Child and Family Development and a legal guidance in navigating the child protection process.

3: Know resources where kids have fun in Kamloops

Explore Kamloops With Kids website provides a lot of activities that are designed for kids in Kamloops. One can also find Active Child Care Facilities for Thompson Cariboo Shuswap region. Kamloops/Thompson Community Mapping Study also provides the list of resources for kids. One can also access BC Wild Life Park Map and Winter Fun Map to take your kids to different local attractions.

If you have additional resources for children and families in Kamloops to share please e-mail okondrashov@tru.ca