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Social Work Education in South Africa

January 13, 2019

South Africa is one of the countries I haven’t visited yet but thanks to support of Ani who mapped most of the Schools of Social Work in South Africa during the International Social Work course at Thompson Rivers University, as well as social work educators: John Marfia from University of Fort Hare and Lambert from Stellenbosch University all the Schools are now fully mapped.

One can verify the current status of the social work education and connect with local colleagues by checking the SOUTH AFRICAN COUNCIL FOR SOCIAL SERVICE PROFESSIONS (SACSSP) website https://www.sacssp.co.za

Here is the current contact list of universities offering social work in South Africa: https://www.sacssp.co.za/Registrations/download/40

The list is now fully mapped and available on the  https://krasun.ca/social-work-education-around-the-world/

Here is the complete list of universities and Schools of Social Work websites:

Name of the University School Website
ZAF Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University https://socialdev.mandela.ac.za/
ZAF North West University: Potch, Vaal Triangle, Mafikeng Campuses http://health-sciences.nwu.ac.za/psychosocial-health
ZAF Stellenbosch University http://www.sun.ac.za/english/faculty/arts/social-work
ZAF University of South Africa (UNISA) https://www.unisa.ac.za/sites/corporate/default/Colleges/Human-Sciences/Schools,-departments,-centres,-institutes-&-units/School-of-Social-Sciences/Department-of-Social-Work
ZAF University of Cape Town http://www.socialdevelopment.uct.ac.za/
ZAF University of Fort Hare http://www.ufh.ac.za/faculties/social-sciences/departments/social-work-%26-social-development
ZAF University of the Free State https://www.ufs.ac.za/humanities/departments-and-divisions/social-work-home
ZAF University of KwaZulu-Natal http://swcd.ukzn.ac.za/Homepage.aspx
ZAF University of Limpopo https://www.ul.ac.za/index.php?Entity=School%20Main%20Menu&school_id=4
ZAF University of Pretoria https://www.up.ac.za/social-work-criminology
ZAF University of Venda http://www.univen.ac.za/social-work/
ZAF University of the Western Cape https://www.uwc.ac.za/Faculties/CHS/social%20work/Pages/default.aspx
ZAF University of Zululand http://www.unizulu.ac.za/faculties-page/departments-and-degree-programs/
ZAF Walter Sisulu University http://www.wsu.ac.za/waltersisulu/   ; http://www.wsu.ac.za/waltersisulu/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Faculty-of-Humanities-Social-Science-and-Law-prospectus-2016-final.pdf
ZAF University of Johannesburg
Department of Social Work
ZAF University of the Witwatersrand https://www.wits.ac.za/shcd/social-work/

You can read more about South Africa social work education in the following scholarly articles, dissertations and books:

Smith, L. (2008). South African social work education: critical imperatives for social change in the post-apartheid and post-colonial context. International Social Work51(3), 371-383.

Kasiram, M.I. (1993) School social work service delivery : Models for future practice. Thesis University of Kwazulu-Natal. Retrieved from https://researchspace.ukzn.ac.za/xmlui/handle/10413/7678

Gray, M., & Lombard, A. (2008). The post‐1994 transformation of social work in South Africa. International Journal of Social Welfare17(2), 132-145.

Earle, N.(2008). Social work in social change. The profession and education of social workers in South Africa. Human Sciences Research Council. Retrieved from https://www.hsrcpress.ac.za/books/social-work-in-social-change

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