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How to support a child’s education in times of war: Resources for Ukrainian Educators

Dr. Oleksandr (Sasha) Kondrashov

On February 24, the Russian Government Genocide of the People of Ukraine entered a new stage: the physical elimination of Ukrainians from their homeland on all territories of Ukraine. In one month, more than 25% of the total population of Ukraine (+10 Million People) has been displaced, and thousands have died. Millions of children stop going to school.

This resource guide offers a collection of links for educators who can re-start the education process in Ukrainian. If you have an opportunity to support teachers from Ukraine to re-start teaching, please feel free to share this guide to make sure kids keep learning in Ukrainian.

  • Website disastershock.com contains resources for healing the trauma of disaster-related stress. The manual Disastershock: How to Cope with the Emotional Stress of a Major Disaster is available free in: Ukrainian, English, Polish, Romanian and other languages. It contains 20 strategies to help parents and children cope with the stress of war, pandemic, and other disasters. Tip Sheets for dealing with stress, Expressive Arts and Recovery exercises, Video resources, and resources for Educators are also available. Please share with others
  • Children and War textbook is available in Ukrainian to help educators to engage children who experience war.
  • UNICEF has supported a creation of textbook “Safe Space”. It is available in Ukrianian and offer techniques for educators on how to help children experiencing stress.
  • Psycho-Social Support in Crises is a textbook to help educators. The book in Ukrainian presents theoretical and practical materials on children’s reactions to traumatic events, ways to help students in the educational process.
  • UNICEF also created a resource for parents to support children in managing stress
  • A short guide for teachers who work with children during the war. 9 rules
  • How to plan an online lesson? Tips from Osvitoria
  • How to organize the educational process in wartime: advice from the State Service for Quality Education
  • How to work with children with PLO during the war (Webinar on Youtube March 31st, 2022)
  • Educational initiative for primary and secondary school students in Ukraine: from the Basis school () together with the Viber community School
  • online training for all children of Ukraine who can join classes in Zoom: from the Academy of Modern Education A +  
  • Distance school grades 5-11: from JAMM School  
  • Access to annual materials of grades 1-11 free of charge: from the distance school “Optima Education Center”  You need to register, enter your e-mail, and it will receive a link and password to log in.
  • Participation in live lessons, educational materials for the whole year, additional activities for children from ThinkGlobal. Follow the schedule on Facebook
  • Platform ALTERRA ONLINE EXTERNAT (https://www.facebook.com/alterraschool1) provides access to materials and tests.
  • Free daily online meetings with children from 6 years: dancing, games, English, watching movies and more. The schedule is updated every day on the page and Telegram-channel @ OkStudy127
  • A free series of online workshops (https://od.itstep.org/) and thematic meetings for children aged 7-14: Internet security, creation and first steps to earn money on NFT, game development with Construct. (https://od.itstep.org/)
  • Free registration for online lessons and regular daily meetings of children with a psychologist from the Klim Churyumov Lyceum
  • Free access to the full package “Listener” (grades 1-11) for self-study – a full school program from the Center for Distance Education “Source” (https://cdo.org.ua/reg/).
  • Lessons recorded and live. Here (https://bit.ly/3sFkZg5) you can register, and here (https://www.eduforsafety.com.ua/) you can find lessons in Ukrainian, English and Russian. School Navigator project.
  • Online meetings for cognitive development from the NGO “Smart Education” for children and adolescents. The schedule is updated daily (https://nus.org.ua/). Fill out the form (https://bit.ly/34aOXzh) to join.
  • Free education at Optima School, grades 1-11 https://bit.ly/37f7Mm0
  • Churyumov Science Lyceum has launched a platform with free online lessons for grades 5-6 https://bit.ly/37f7cok
  • All-Ukrainian first kindergarten Mr.Leader ONLINE https://bit.ly/3I6DYVz
  • Palyanytsia online school launched https://bit.ly/3ITDdjC
  • Ranok Publishing House provides children’s books in electronic format for FREE https://bit.ly/35pwNKw
  • In the Telegram-channel Pavlusha and Java you can download audio tales, which will also be available without the Internet https://t.me/pavlushaiyava
  • Another Telegram channel with audio stories in Ukrainian (all audio stories can be downloaded and listened to offline) https://t.me/kazky_ukr
  • Yakaboo has opened free access to audio and e-books in the mobile application https://bit.ly/3CcZG92
  • The New Ukrainian School has organized a series of informative online meetings with teachers https://bit.ly/3sDR87P
  • MEGOGO has opened free access to cartoons, movies and audio tales https://bit.ly/35KLwjg
  • Facebook Group: Нова українська школа (НУШ)https://www.facebook.com/groups/new.ukrainian.school/

If you know any other resources to support Ukrainian educators please let me know (okondrashov@tru.ca) or Facebook PM: https://www.facebook.com/krasun

Access to education is critical for every child every day! Slava Ukrajini

Photo credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-kid-protesting-against-the-war-in-ukraine-11284549/

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