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Social Work Podcasts

Sasha Kondrashov and Ani Dingamtar

Podcasting is an emerging area of social work practice. During April 2021 we will explore how social workers use podcasting in their social work practice and will have #EMPRSOCIALWORK 2.5 years celebration event on May 1st at 11:00 a.m. PT to share with global social work community some tools on how to do podcasting and invite those who are already doing social work podcast to share their stories. Please stay tuned @EMPRSOCIALWORK

Here are the few podcasts that we encourage #EMPRSocialWork followers to listen. Let us know what is your favourite social work podcast?


The Social Work Bubble

Laura Swanson, MSW is a psychotherapist in outpatient mental health in New York City that began The Social Work Bubble, initially The Thought Bubble, to discuss all things social work and social justice! Come to The Social Work Bubble for a conversation on social work education, field placements, social issues, direct practice, and anything in between!


Social Workers, Rise!

Catherine, LCSW. We will talk everything social work, on every level from micro to macro. We will hear the stories of social workers who are doing big things, learn new skills, and most importantly, give you actionable steps to change more lives than you ever thought possible.

The husITa Podcast

Jimmy A. Young

The idea for this podcast is to help disseminate research around technology in the human services and features interviews with authors of recently published work in the Journal of Technology in Human Services. This will be a monthly podcast and may increase in frequency depending on a number of factors. We hope that you will subscribe and share these podcasts with your networks.


The Social Work Podcast

Jonathan Singer

Provides information on all things social work, including direct practice (both clinical and community organizing), research, policy, education… and everything in between.


NASW Social Work Talks

Inform, Educate & Inspire

NASW Social Work Talks podcast gives us an opportunity to explore topics that social workers care about and to hear from social work experts and practitioners.


The Social Work Tutor

Social Work Tutor, Matt, Tilly and Karen take a lighthearted and humorous look at issues that matter to social workers in the real world. From politics and policies to dating and ethical dilemmas, there’s something for everyone



inSocialWork® is the podcast series of the University at Buffalo School of Social Work. The purpose of this series is to engage practitioners and researchers in lifelong learning and to promote research to practice and practice to research. inSocialWork® features conversations with prominent social work professionals, interviews with cutting-edge researchers, and information on emerging trends and best practices in the field of social work.


Team Human

Author, media theorist, and professor Douglas Rushkoff has contributed a number of pages to the team playbook. His many books including Program or Be Programed, Present Shock, and Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus all look deep into the question of reprogramming society to better serve humans. With each episode of Team Human, Rushkoff grapples with complex issues of agency, social justice, and all those quirky non-binary corners of life in a highly approachable and engaging podcast.


Social World

I’ve been involved in Social Work for many years and seen triumphs and disasters. It’s a huge subject and there’s plenty to talk about. Thoughts on the Social World has been created to educate and share information on social work and social care. My podcasts and blogs discuss all aspects of the social world including: media management, social care, child abuse, children’s services, safeguarding children, vulnerable adults and children, judicial systems, social networking, the influence of the media, training, social workers


Helpful Social Work

Helpful Social Work podcast aims to help social workers to learn, think and act with integrity so that people who need social work get help that will transform their lives.  Each month we look at topics that matter to social workers.


2 Crees in a Pod

Indigenous podcast – 2 nehiyaw women sharing space with other Indigenous folks/allies, having honest conversation about Indigenous everything.


Social Worker’s Break Room

This show is a mix of personal experiences from us and the audience, guest interviews, trending topics and all the unspoken truths of social work. You know, all those things that we talk about in the break room that often leave us with more questions than answers.


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