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2022 National Day for Truth and Reconciliation: Events, Educational and Business Resources

Last year I started the collection of events and educational resources on National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. https://krasun.ca/2021/09/25/national-day-for-truth-and-reconciliation-events-and-educational-resources   Here is the updated list from Schools of Social Work on how to learn on September 30, 2022. Thank you CASWE-ACFTS, for compiling the list.

Université | UniversityHeure|Time DateActivités|ActivitiesLiens|Links
Algoma UniversitySept 30 9:00 – 10:00 AM EST 2:00—3:00 PM ESTVirtual Tours of the Shingwauk Residential School SiteZoom Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87465261132?pwd=UG9XZC94TVdaOHRTQjBIT2RQSFZmdz09#success   Passcode: 737217
Carleton UniversitySept 30 10:30 AM-12 PM ESTNational Day for Truth and Reconciliation: Braiding Truth, Reconciliation and Rights Livestream available for those who registerRegister here https://carleton.ca/sppa/cu-events/national-day-for-truth-and-reconciliation/  
King’s University College At Western Ontario The TRC Calls are not a Checklist: Mbwaachi’diwag—Podcast with Dr. Eva Jewell, Research Director at the Yellowhead InstituteAiring on 94.9 Radio Western; available on our website afterwards.   https://radiowestern.ca/   Past Mbwaachi’diwag episodes https://indigenous.uwo.ca/initiatives/learning/mbwaachidiwag_podcast.html
Renison University College, Affiliated with the University of WaterlooSept 30 4 : 00 – 5:00 PM ESTTruth and Reconciliation in higher learning institutions with Kevin Lamoureux as a keynote speakerTo register https://www.ticketfi.com/event/4753/kevin-lamoureux-truth-and-reconciliation-in-higher-learning-institutions.
Trent UniversitySept 30
3:00 PM EST
Truth Before Reconciliation: Indian Residential and Day School Histories, by Prof Jackson Pind, First Peoples Gathering SpaceZoom Link:
Université du Québec à MontréalSept 30 10 :00 AM UTC-03Le Bureau de l’inclusion et de la réussite étudiante (BIRÉ), représenté par son directeur, Marco Bacon, est heureux de vous convier à un événement culturel dans le cadre de la Journée nationale de la vérité et de la réconciliation qui se tiendra le 30 septembre prochain à l’UQAM.   Il nous fera plaisir de vous accueillir en présence de la rectrice, Magda Fusaro, à une performance musicale par l’artiste multidisciplinaire Katia Rock suivie d’un moment de poésie inédit avec Joséphine Bacon et Maya Cousineau Mollen.  Lien vers l’événement FB : https://fb.me/e/3NTdtjEE4
University of CalgarySept 30 12:00-1:30 PM MDT         Sept 30 6:30—9:00 PM MDTOrange Shirt Day: Panel Discussion      Orange Shirt Day: Film Screening      https://go.ucalgary.ca/2022-09-30_OrangeShirtDayWebinarPanel_LPRegistration.html   https://go.ucalgary.ca/2022-09-30_OrangeShirtDayVirtualFilmScreening_LPRegistration.html    
York University                  Sept 30 11:00 AM —12:30 PM ESTPanel Discussion Reflecting on the Legacies of Residential Schools: What it means for our present and our futures  https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=apuvOEjBaHg

I also started collecting list of indigenous businesses that one can support.

List of more than 100 Indigenous businesses are located here: https://shopfirstnations.com/locations/

The following list of bussineses are suggested by Dr. Marlyn Bennett

“Here are some lovely and unique Indigenous-owned businesses within Calgary / Alberta:

In light of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on Sept. 30, we wanted to showcase some lovely local Indigenous-owned businesses that play a vital role in helping grow and contribute to Calgary’s economy. With amazing craftsmanship, world-class design, and ingenuity, there is something for everyone at these businesses.

Indigenous Box (https://www.indigenousbox.ca) This unique Alberta brand sends out a subscription box every season containing five to seven unique and beautifully crafted items from Indigenous small businesses across Canada. Their seasonal discovery box is popular and there are many other options, too.

Feral Fawn (https://www.feralfawn.ca) Feral Fawn is a family-run business made up of a husband and wife duo creating Indigenous-style clothing that can be purchased online. Their products have been seen on international exhibits as well as on TV shows such as NBC’s Chicago Fire and Motherland: Fort Salem.

Moonstone Creation (https://moonstonecreation.ca/)This Indigenous-owned art gallery and gift shop is located in the heart of Inglewood. They offer a variety of wearable artwork from bags, pouches, and journals to online classes to learn how to bead, sew moccasins, or make a drum with their online courses. Check back often as they are always creating and selling new artwork year-round.

Transformation Fine Art (https://www.transformationfineart.com) This premier art gallery focuses on Inuit and First Nations art pieces that rival some of the leading galleries across the country. Visit their website to see a collection of sculptures and prints for sale.

Mystical Metis (https://mysticalmetis.ca) Mystical Metis is a beautiful boutique that focuses on beautiful clothing, jewellery, home, kitchen items, and accessories that are 100 per cent designed by Indigenous artists. The products are available on their website or at their new location at the Crossroads Market and a percentage of their sales go to the individual artists whose design was purchased.

Colouring it Forward (https://colouringitforward.com) Colouring It Forward is both a not-for-profit organization and a small business. Their goal is to create more education surrounding Indigenous issues through art, language, and culture with their Equinox Box — a quarterly subscription box filled with Indigenous-made bath products, skincare products, music, art, journals, notebooks, teachings from elders, and more. The new ‘Autumn Equinox Box’ is dedicated to the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

Land of Daughters (https://www.landofdaughters.com) Founded in 2018, this Metis and female-founded homeware brand offers stunning candles, aroma sprays, and solid perfumes that will transform any room into a beautiful and cozy sanctuary — handmade and designed right here in Calgary. Their products can also be found at many different retail stores around Calgary, including The Livery in Inglewood.

Oji Creations Oji Creations (https://oji-creations.square.site) was created by Saulteaux/Metis archaeologist Autumn Whiteway. The paintings and photographs for sale explore contemporary Indigenous themes while also highlighting issues within the Indigenous community. Visit their website to shop Indigenous jewellery , dreamcatchers, stationery, canvas prints, and more.”

Family Financial Health Community Learning Course at TRU is Helping Ukrainians to navigate Canadian Financial Systems by Linking their Knowledge from Ukraine to New Environment in Canada

Two university professors from Ukraine and Canada partnered to offer a new course for Ukrainians who came to Canada after russian aggression and the expansion of the war in Ukraine. A  first-of-its-kind international collaboration between social work and finance fields of practice to help people from Ukraine improve their financial resilience in Canada

Kamloops, BC, September 23, 2022—When Oleksandr (Sasha) Kondrashov started offering community English learning classes for temporarily displaced Ukrainians, Maksym  Gorikhovskyi, attended a few of the lectures. Some participants shared their challenges while navigating financial systems outside of Ukraine during classes. One of the challenges is the lack of information in the Ukrainian language about financial services available for newcomers in Canada and the overall low level of financial literacy in Ukraine. This discussion sparked a new partnership between Thompson Rivers University Faculty of Education and Social Work in Canada and the Professional College of Economics, Law and Information Technologies of Kamyanets-Podilsky Tax Institute in Ukraine.

Dr. Kondrashov has taught a Family Financial Health course at the Family Social Science Department at the University of Manitoba. The course surveyed topics that impact Canadian families’ financial health, including personal money management, mortgage financing, credit and debt, educational and retirement planning, taxation, insurance, savings and investments. Students who took the course become better prepared to help families maximize resources and increase their financial literacy. In many European countries, financial counsellors already have legal, commercial and social work qualifications. However, in Canada, the collaboration between finance and social work fields of practice is still underdeveloped, and social work students often lack courses that explore topics related to family financial health. In contrast, people who study finance lack social work practice skills.

Dr. Gorikhovskyi teaches financial management courses in Ukraine, where the financial system has been developed in the last 30 years. However, many Ukrainians as well as other newcomers to Canada, are unfamiliar with personal finances, banking and taxation services and need a lot of guidance to build their financial literacy and resilience. Dr. Gorikhovskyi offers ten ways this course will be helpful for those who want to strengthen their financial resilience in Canada.

1. Define financial goals and ways to achieve them. The easiest way to organize family finances is first to determine what you are trying to achieve financially. Dr. Gorikhovskyi shares, “If I have a number I’m aiming for, chances are I’ll hit that number. For example, when I’m planning a family vacation, I come up with the cost of the vacation and then start saving weekly or monthly to reach that goal. This requires me to do some planning and some thoughtfulness in my numbers”.

2. Create your own budget with monthly income and spending plan. Once you’ve set your goals, track your monthly expenses. Now it’s time to divide your financial resources into categories. As you set your budget, not a penny should be left.

3. Monitor and analyze own expenses. Tracking expenses is painstaking work; fortunately, we live in the digital age. When literally the whole world is on your phone or laptop. There are so many apps for tracking your expenses, so there’s no excuse for neglecting them. This will help open your eyes to how much money you spend on certain things. We will review some of the apps that can monitor your financial health

4. Orient yourself in the Canadian taxation system. Understanding the tax system is essential to plan your stay in Canada. Taxes include income tax, sales tax, real estate tax, business tax and others. These taxes help pay for government programs and services, such as health care, public safety, roads, schools, various welfare benefits, and pensions. The taxation system is not only about taxes but how Canada’s safety and social security systems are working and the ability to use all the system’s benefits.

5. Understand how banks work. When the bank is your friend, not your enemy. You will understand a credit score, why it is important in Canada, and how to correctly use credit cards and make payments and transfers in Canada and Ukraine’s banking systems. How to use a mortgage when buying your own home?

7. Insurance is an advantage, not a cost. The insurance system in Canada is very widely developed and affects the life of every Canadian. This is largely because some insurances are mandatory. The second reason is that in the event of certain tragic circumstances, insurance helps to cope with costs that occur in times of unexpected situations. You will be able to understand different types of insurance and the mechanisms of its work.

8. Build your own bill payment system. Separate bank accounts for different expenses. It is essential to have a sound bill payment system. Dr. Gorikhovskyi shares, “I have a mortgage payment account, a Christmas fund account, a vacation fund account, etc. I do this because it’s easy to see how much money is going towards certain expenses and how much money I’m spending on certain items. It also makes it difficult to make spending decisions when transferring money from one account to pay for something else”.

9. Monitor account statements for fraud, errors or changes. Look at your monthly expenses on your bank credit card statements. Also, check if you’ve started a free trial of an app, program, or video service that requires your credit card and never cancel it.

10. Communicate with your significant other, and plan your own life and retirement. If you decide to open a checking account or consolidate your finances, be prepared to talk to your significant other about what’s happening. If you use credit cards without telling the other, your expenses will add up. Prepare a financial plan to face old age richly.

The new community learning course initiative will be available as a lecture series via Zoom where Maksym and Sasha will share their expertise and allow course participants to learn about financial resilience in Canada and Ukraine. In the first hour of each class, Dr. Kondrashov will share material from the family financial health course in English and participants will learn how to live translate using Google and Zoom services. During the second hour, Dr. Kondrashov and Dr. Gorikhovskyi will answer questions on topics discussed in the first part of the lecture in English and Ukrainian and show examples of how to apply the knowledge using resources from leading banks in Canada and Ukraine.

The course is open to anyone who wants to improve their family’s financial health. Dr. Kondrashov says that “although course knowledge can benefit any newcomer to Canada, this version of the course will be primarily beneficial for anyone who came recently from Ukraine. The second hour of each lecture will only be delivered in Ukrainian, where Maksym and I will answer questions, share our extensive knowledge, and compare Canadian and Ukrainian financial services”.

Please visit Dr. Kondrashov’s website https://krasun.ca/i-love-family-finance/ and fill in the Zoom registration form for anyone interested in taking the course. The course access fees are waived for all participants. However, only 20 participants will be able to join the Zoom live lectures on selected Fridays, starting from Friday, September 23rd at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time / 20:00 Kyiv Time. The link with Livestream and chat capabilities for questions will be sent to all registered participants to ensure everyone who wants to learn will have access to the course recordings.

Canadian Universities offer support to students from Ukraine: Provincial Review of Best Supports Available to students from Ukraine

Compiled by Dr. Oleksandr (Sasha) Kondrashov

The comparative table offers a summary of support available in Canadian universities. From each province, one university (Ontario two) is selected that offer the best available support for students from Ukraine. It is not always possible to measure all available support as university supports depend on the government support available in each province. For example, the BC government encouraged public universities to offer domestic tuition rates. Thompson Rivers University, a designated access university in the province, responded to the government’s request and offered domestic rates for up to 50 students from Ukraine. Another critical factor to consider is local organizations’ support and the Ukrainian diaspora in selected cities. For example, all prairie provinces where Ukrainians have been traditionally settled offer the best financial support through their major public universities. U of Manitoba, U of Alberta, and U of Saskatchewan also have dedicated resource pages to support Ukrainian students. At the same time, the unique support available at Thompson Rivers University results from a unique partnership between Kamloops Immigrant Services, TRU World and the local Kamloops community that stand with Ukraine. Most scholarships and special programs for student researchers outside of Prairie Provinces are offered in Ontario through the University of Toronto and Western University. The list of universities was selected based on media coverage and might not include supports available that are not listed on universities’ websites. More research is needed to see how students from Ukraine who choose to attend universities in Canada feel about available support. It will be critical to highlight some of the student success stories. The list with support information should be expanded and include information from other universities to ensure future students from Ukraine can find the university that can best support them during the war.

Name of the UniversityProvincePresident StatementCounselling SupportFinancial SupportDomestic TuitionResource PageOther Supports
Thompson Rivers UniversityBCYes, the link has been removedYesYesYesNoTRU Mitacs Mapping Project TRU Rally to Support Ukraine #ILoveUkrEng Community Learning Courses  
University of AlbertaABYesYesYesEven better, full tuition waivers are providedYes1 million Tuition Supports Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief Concert Statement from Canadian Institute for Ukrainian Studies
University of SaskatchewanSKYesYesYesNoYesCollege of Medicine Alumni Support
University of ManitobaMBYesYesYesNo  only available to those who receive full scholarshipYesRaising Ukrainian Flag in Solidarity
Western UniversityONYesYesYes, various types of supportsNo, Free access to MBA program onlyNoStudent Crises Relief Fund
University of TorontoONYesYesYesNo, matching donations for 1 million dollar fundYesScholars at Risk Program
McGill UniversityQCYesYesYesNo, Donations are acceptedNoVirtual Training to Support Health Care Workers Provost Statement
Dalhousie UniversityNSYesYesYesNoNoCampus Vigil Ukrainian Forum Statement from Russian Studies Department
Universite de MonctonNBNoYesYesNoNoRoundtable on Ukraine Roundtable on Ukraine 2
University of Prince Edward IslandPEIYesYesNoNoNo 
Memorial University of NewfoundlandNLYesYesYesNo, 10 undergraduate bursaries availableNoInformation Session
The full list of universities and colleges that support Ukraine can be found on Universities Canada and Colleges and Institutes Canada websites