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Daily Archives: February 11, 2021

Change the Act, not the Regulations

To those who are eligible to vote in 2021 Proposed Revision to the Social Work Profession Regulation in Manitoba starting today please vote NO to the Part 2 of the changes.

The Manitoba College of Social Workers is asking the membership to vote starting on February 11th, 2021 on a by-law change that would change the wording for the use of the word social worker.

In the original by-laws (prior to 2019) they had registered practicing social worker and non practicing social worker (see the table), but unless social workers vote and reject what the board is presenting, they will change non practicing social worker to non practicing member.

Non practicing members who are still paying for memberships, will no longer be able to use the term social worker at all.

This makes no sense because it means that members that have Social Work degrees but who are retired, who are unemployed, or just not practicing will not be able to use the term social worker and that is not OK!

It would be better to put in an amendment to the Social Work Profession Act in Manitoba to change the wording and allow non-practicing members to call themselves non-practicing social workers.