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Winter Weather in Kamloops

Wind Chill and Cold Weather Safety

A few days during the year in Kamloops when the temperature is cold, the wind can make it feel even colder. This is called the wind chill factor. Be extra careful on those days as the cold and wind can give you frostbite if your skin is exposed for too long. If you get frostbite, go to the hospital.

Snow Storm and Road Cleaning

When the snow falls in Kamloops be extra careful on the roads. The City clears roads and select sidewalks in priority order by dividing the roads into (1) Arterial Roads that are cleared within 4 hours of the completion of a snow event (2)  Collectors and Residential Bus Routes within 16 hours of the end of a storm and (3) Residential Streets within 36 Hours. Priority is given to hills over level streets. You can check the Kamloops Snow Cleaning Priorities Map to know when your street will be plowed after the snowstorm

Clothing for weather in Kamloops

Tourism Kamloops offers the following clothing tips to enjoy the four seasons in Kamloops.

In spring, long pants, a waterproof jacket, sweater, hat/umbrella and close-toed shoes are appropriate.

For summer one needs shorts, t-shirts, sandals, a hat, and a light sweater or jacket. Make sure you have a bathing gear as there is a lot of places near Kamloops where you can swim in pristine, clear waters. Please use sunscreen and sunglasses as Kamloops has many hot sunny days.

More clothing is needed to enjoy a fall in Kamloops. Early fall is still warm, but some days can be chilly so please have pants/long shorts, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets and different types of shoes. The tempereature can range from 25 degrees (Celsius) at the beginning of the fall season, to 0 to 5 degrees (Celsius) closer to November.  The freezing temperatures are also a possibility so keep layering your clothing when necessary.

The layered clothing is a must to enjoy winter in Kamloops. Warm jackets/vests, gloves/scarfs and close-toed shoes and boots are appropriate. Depending on one’s activities, sunglasses and snow-gear (i.e. snow pants and thermal underclothes) are also necessary.

Kamloops Weather by Season

Kamloops has four distinct seasons. Tourism Kamloops states that Kamloops is British Columbia’s second-sunniest City with over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually.

Spring (March to May) is moderately cold with a mix of sunshine, wind and rain.

Summer (June to mid-September) can reach 30+ degrees (Celsius) with the odd rainstorm and relatively low humidity.

Fall (Mid-September to November) offers beautiful warm sunny days, but colder nights and a more chill wind.

Winter (December to February) in Kamloops can be snowy and cold, yet many days are sunny. Somedays the wind is strong. The weather in the valley part of Kamloops is quite mild with low temperatures  -5 to -15 degrees (Celsius) and minimal snowfall. At the same time, the mountainous parts of Kamloops receive heavy snowfall and the temperature can drop to -30 degrees Celsius.

If you are a tourist newcomer to the Kamloops Champion Traveler website suggests the best time to visit Kamloops, BC, Canada are from May 21st to October 7th based on average temperature and humidity from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). The website also provides a brief overview of the monthly weather forecast, temperature, perceived temperature, rain and snow, humidity and wind and overall travel experience by the time of year. One can also learn about the average cost of the trip to Kamloops from Champion Traveler