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Welcome to Kamloops: Three things to Know about Child and Family Social Services in Kamloops

Welcome to Kamloops: Three things to Know about Child and Family Social Services in Kamloops

1: Know where to find the right services for children and families in Kamloops

One can find online KAMLOOPS FAMILY SERVICES Contact Information. This information sheet by EwayKamloops provides one with details related to local services for children and youth. It is organized by the following age groups: Under 6, Children 6 – 12, and Youth. One can also contact Make Children First (MCF) a community coalition of individuals and organizations who believe that it takes a whole community to raise a child. They work to enhance the ability of our community to support the healthy development of children and their families. Interesting Shapedown BC program is available for eligible kids in BC. One can also access online Child &Youth Mental Health Guide for the region.

2: Know how to protect children in Kamloops

A child in BC is a person under the age of 19. Here is the policy on how to report a child in need of protection. “If your child is taken” brochure provides overview of key rights of the parents when a child is removed under the protection concerns. One can also contact Secwepemc Child and Family Services or Metis Commission for Child and Family Services in BC or local Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD) for relevant services. Navigating the Child Protection Process presentation provides an overview of Ministry of Child and Family Development and a legal guidance in navigating the child protection process.

3: Know resources where kids have fun in Kamloops

Explore Kamloops With Kids website provides a lot of activities that are designed for kids in Kamloops. One can also find Active Child Care Facilities for Thompson Cariboo Shuswap region. Kamloops/Thompson Community Mapping Study also provides the list of resources for kids. One can also access BC Wild Life Park Map and Winter Fun Map to take your kids to different local attractions.

If you have additional resources for children and families in Kamloops to share please e-mail okondrashov@tru.ca

Welcome to Kamloops: 4 tips to find employment in Kamloops

Welcome to Kamloops: 4 tips to find employment in Kamloops

Tip 1: Find the right employer for you in Kamloops

An excellent way to start looking for a job is to check the Job Posting Websites for the Kamloops Area. All job sites are well organized in one file. Open Door Group has two offices in Kamloops to support people in finding employment. Check Kamloops Major employers here. You can also visit Kamloops Service Center Canada to strengthen your resume and find jobs in the area http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/tbsc-fsco/sc-dsp.jsp?rc=5986&lang=eng

Tip 2: Use the Job Search Engine that fits your needs.  

BC Jobs Kamloops https://www.bcjobs.ca/kamloops-jobs

CareerJet https://www.careerjet.ca/jobs-in-kamloops-3185.html

CFJC today jobs http://cfjctoday.com/jobs

Craiglist Jobs Kamloops https://kamloops.craigslist.ca/search/jjj

Eluta Jobs Kamloops https://www.eluta.ca/jobs-in-Kamloops-BC

Indeed Jobs Kamloops https://ca.indeed.com/jobs?l=kamloops

Job Bank Kamloops https://www.jobbank.gc.ca/jobsearch/jobsearch?d=50&sort=D&page=2&mid=22341&lang=fr

Glassdoor Jobs Kamloops https://www.glassdoor.ca/Job/kamloops-jobs-SRCH_IL.0,8_IC2277850.htm

Kijiji Jobs Kamloops https://www.kijiji.ca/b-jobs/kamloops/c45l1700227

LnkedIn jobs Kamloops https://ca.linkedin.com/jobs/jobs-in-kamloops-bc

Monster Jobs Kamloops https://www.monster.ca/jobs/l-kamloops,-bc.aspx

Jobpostings Kamloops https://www.jobpostings.ca/student-jobs/british-columbia/kamloops

Jooble Kamloops https://ca.jooble.org/jobs/Kamloops%2c-BC

Simply Hired Kamloops https://www.simplyhired.ca/search?l=kamloops%2C+bc&job=Kby7TcO_tA_qnuond4ELxmJ-dExJQ2z_RD4EHP2oU0dtBTqln3i3Bg

Workopolis Kamloops https://www.workopolis.com/jobsearch/jobs-in-kamloops-british-columbia

Wow Jobs Kamloops https://www.wowjobs.ca/BrowseResults.aspx?q=&s=r&l=Kamloops%2C+BC&job=v8TQc8zWwZah6E4dGXpDGpXCAO5Db4kLzoNyX2HZkVy5L1X5fjj5lw

Tip 3: Check Directly with Employment Opportunities Websites of Kamloops employers

Aberdeen Mall https://www.aberdeenmall.ca/jobs

Aboriginal Skill Employment Services http://shuswapnation.org/departments/asets/

BC Hydro https://app.bchydro.com/careers/current_opp.html

BC Lottery Corporation https://careers.bclc.com/

BC Transit Kamloops https://bctransit.com/kamloops/careers

Cascades Casino Kamloops http://www.cascadescasinokamloops.com/careers/

City of Kamloops https://www.kamloops.ca/city-hall/career-opportunities

CN Rail https://www.cn.ca/en/careers

Dog Walking Jobs Kamloops https://www.care.com/en-ca/jobs/pet-care/dog-sitting/dog-walking-jobs/kamloops

Domtar http://www.domtar.com/en/careers/jobs.asp 

Excel Personel https://excel.bc.ca/

Government BC Jobs https://search.employment.gov.bc.ca/cgi-bin/a/searchjobs_quick.cgi

Interior Health Authority https://jobs.interiorhealth.ca/

Nanny Jobs Kamloops https://canadiannanny.ca/nanny-jobs/kamloops,british-columbia

New Gold http://www.newgold.com/careers/Current-Opportunities/default.aspx

School Distict 73 http://www3.sd73.bc.ca/careers

Stanteck Jobs https://stantec.jobs/kamloops/british-columbia/can/jobs/

Sun Peaks Resort https://www.sunpeaksresort.com/employment/job-opportunities

Teck Jobs https://jobs.teck.com/search/

Thompson Nicola Regional District https://tnrd.ca/content/employment

Thompson Rivers University https://www.tru.ca/hr/careers.html

TKemloops https://tkemlups.ca/current-openings/

Xilium Recruiters http://xiliumrecruiters.com/

Tip 4: Try Facebook to find your next job in Kamloops

One can also try Facebook job search technique:  Kamloops and Area Work Search Group (Job Seekers, and Job Postings) or Kamloops Cash Jobs and Kamloops Job Posting

If you have additional employment resources to share please e-mail okondrashov@tru.ca